How to Care for Filters in a Whirlpool Hybrid Heat Pump Dryer



Maintenance of a Whirlpool hybrid heat pump dryer is vital to its operating performance and the life of the dryer. Unlike a standard dryer, the Whirlpool hybrid dryer has three screens that require routine cleaning: the primary lint screen, the HybridCare filter and lint screen, and the cooling fan screen.

Primary lint screen

The primary lint screen is located in the dryer opening. After every load, remove the lint screen and clean it. Pull the lint screen straight up and out. Press the tab down and open the lint screen, and roll the lint off with your fingers. Push the lint screen firmly back in place when done.

Over time, fabric softeners can cause a buildup of residue on the lint screen. Clean the screen with a nylon brush every six months, or more frequently if needed. If the screen becomes completely clogged, clean the screen with warm, soapy water and a nylon brush to gently remove the residue. Rinse the filter thoroughly and let the filter dryer completely before replacing.

HybridCare filter and lint screen

You can find the HybridCare filter in the bottom corner of the dryer. Clean the filter after every 5 loads. Open the filter door, lift the handle up and pull the filter out. Place the filter on the dryer and remove the lint screen and foam pad from the back of the filter. Remove the lint from the screen and pad using your fingers.

If lint still remains on the screen and pad, remove it with warm, soapy water and a nylon brush. Rinse with warm water. Clean the filter housing and mesh with a soft brush, damp cloth or vacuum cleaner. Once a month, clean the screen at the back of the filter housing with a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner.

Put the lint screen and foam pad back in the filter and place the filter back in the dryer cabinet, making sure the handle is downward to lock it in place. If the filter is not inserted properly, an error code of LF will display.

Cooling fan screen

The cooling fan screen is located on the back lower right of the dryer. Once a month, pull the dryer away from the wall and clean the screen using a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment.

Never run the dryer with a loose, damaged, blocked or missing filter. This will cause the dryer to overheat, causing damage to the dryer and to fabrics.