How Does an Induction Cooktop Work Video


By Kim Hillegass, Sears PartsDirect

An induction cooktop offers the simplicity of electric cooktops with the responsiveness of gas cooktops in one unit. Traditional cooking methods transfer heat from a burner or element to the cookware. With an induction cooktop, the burner or element doesn‘t get hot; instead, the heat goes just to the cookware. As a result, cooking time is much quicker. Induction cooktops are much more energy efficient than either electric or gas cooktops, as very little heat is transferred away from the pan.

In an induction cooktop, a coil of copper wire is located beneath the glass surface cooking zone. Current passes through the coiled wire, creating a magnetic field. If no cookware is on the cooking area, nothing happens–no heat is produced.  When cookware made of a ferrous metal such as cast iron or stainless steel is placed on the cooking zone, a current is produced in the pan–the resistance of the current flowing through the pan causes the pan to heat. 

The video from Kenmore below shows how induction cooking works and lists the benefits of using an induction cooktop. It also demonstrates the type of cookware to use with an induction cooktop, and how to determine if your current cookware will work with one.

This video from Kenmore shows how an induction cooktop works.