Freestanding Ice Maker Troubleshooting




By Kim Hillegass, Sears PartsDirect

Troubleshooting a problem with a freestanding ice maker is an easy way to avoid an unnecessary—and possibly expensive—service visit. Some common problems with freestanding ice makers are easy to fix and require no repair.

These troubleshooting tips can help you narrow down what the problem might be, plus give you advice on how to fix it. If you find your ice maker does need repair, our DIY ice maker repair guides can help save you time and money, while making it easy to do the repair yourself.

Ice Maker Doesn’t Work


  • Make sure the unit is plugged into a working outlet.
  • Check that the control is turned on.
  • Ensure the room temperature is above 55°F, because the bin thermostat may shut the ice maker off at lower temperatures.
  • Remove kinks from the drain line that could be blocking the flow of drain water. 

Ice Maker Is Noisy 

  • If the ice maker makes a whooshing sound, make sure the water supply is hooked up and turned on.
  • If the ice maker is rattling or vibrating, make sure the ice machine is level.
  • A loose drain cap can rattle, so check to see that it’s secured tightly.
  • For whooshing or rattling noises, also make sure the drain pan pump is securely attached. 
  • The sound of water running in the reservoir is normal—water overflowing in the reservoir helps purge minerals removed from the water during the ice-making cycle.

Ice Maker Runs But Doesn’t Make Ice

  • Make sure the ice maker is turned on.
  • Make sure the water supply is properly connected.
  • Tighten the drain cap to prevent water draining from the pan.
  • Make sure there are no kinks or clogs in the drain line— replace the drain line if it’s damaged. 

Ice Maker Isn’t Producing Enough Ice

  • A dirty condenser coil will restrict airflow, causing a reduction in ice production—clean the condenser if needed.
  • Make sure the ice system is free of scale buildup and clean if needed.
  •  Tighten the drain cap to prevent water draining from the pan.
  • If the ice maker has a water filter, make sure it’s correctly installed and replace it if it’s clogged.