Easy DIY Elliptical Repairs



Keeping both yourself and your elliptical in good shape is a small investment with big rewards. Even with the care taken to keep your elliptical working well, there may be times when it's not working as it should. I've put together a list of some common problems with an elliptical, along with the easy DIY repair solutions to get your machine back in shape again in no time.

Elliptical Console Not Coming On

If the console on the elliptical doesn't power on, or if the display is blank or dim, it may be a power-supply problem or a problem with the console itself. If the console is battery-powered, replace the batteries. If the console requires a power cord, make sure it's plugged into a working outlet. Check the console for any loose wiring connections. If the console is bad, check out our easy DIY repair guide, How to Replace an Elliptical Console.

Elliptical Console Doesn't Display Correct Information

If the console is okay, but the calories/distance/time display isn't working or is inaccurate, the problem could be with the reed switch or with a loose sensor wire. Check the sensor wire for damage or a loose connection at the console. If the wiring looks okay, adjust the reed switch position following the instructions in our DIY repair guide How to Adjust an Elliptical Reed Switch.

Elliptical Resistance Not Changing

If the resistance display on the console doesn't change when you increase or decrease the resistance setting, the problem is the console. If the resistance in the pedal isn't changing when you adjust the resistance setting up or down, the problem is most likely the resistance motor. Our easy DIY repair guide How to Replace an Elliptical Resistance Motor will help you fix this problem.