Common Noises from a Laundry Center Washer


Noises from the washer in a laundry center can be alarming if you aren’t familiar with the sound, but knowing the normal operating sounds will help determine if there is a problem. We've put together a list of common, normal operating sounds a laundry center washer can make and the reasons for the noises.

  • Metallic clicking while washing: The drive system shifter engages and disengages multiple times throughout the wash cycle.
  • Swoosh or light clicking during agitation: The motor used for agitating rotates back and forth to move the laundry.
  • Clicking when water fills: The water valve shuts off and on as it allows cold and hot water to enter and mix until the correct water temperature is reached.
  • Click when water stops filling: A relay switch activates when the water reaches the correct level in the washer, shutting the fill water off.
  • Humming during drain cycle: The drain pump hums as it begins to drain the tub after agitation stops, and continues until the spin cycle is done.
  • Gurgling during drain cycle: When the drain pump starts drawing in air, it makes a gurgling sound and continues to do so until the spin cycle is complete.