Choosing the Correct Spray Tip for a Pressure Washer



Several different types of spray tips are available to use on a pressure washer, so how do you know which tip is the right one for the surface you’re cleaning?  Here’s an overview of the different size spray tips and their ideal uses.

  • Use the zero-degree maximum-pressure spray tip for removing rust and paint, and for heavy duty cleaning like removing grease and oil stains. This spray tip is also good for reaching the second story of your house.
  • The 15-degree general-purpose spray tip is a higher-pressure tip for use on masonry, walkways, fences, patios and decks.
  • Use the 25-degree general-purpose spray tip for house siding and large flat areas such as your driveway.
  • The 40-degree spray tip is for cleaning delicate items such as furniture or fabrics.
  • Use the low-pressure spray tip to apply detergent to the area you’re cleaning.

If you’re still unsure which spray tip to use for your project, start with a lower-pressure spray tip and work your way up in pressure if needed. Test the pressure from the spray tip on a small, inconspicuous area of the surface you’re cleaning. Always keep the spray tip 8 to 24 inches away from the area you’re cleaning to avoid damaging the surface.


This video from Craftsman gives you some more information on the spray tip sizes and their uses.

Spray tip sizes and their uses.