Football Party Planning Tips



Whether you're hosting a Big Game party or just having friends over on any given Sunday, these tips will help you pull everything together, so all you have to do is root for your favorite team. 

Don't let a warm refrigerator or a cold oven ruin your football gathering. We have repair advice for your appliances. 

Do a Quick Cleanup Before the Game



Don’t worry about cleaning your entire home; your guests will give you plenty to clean up after the game. Concentrate on the areas your fellow fans will see. 

  • Make sure your guest bathroom is clean and well-stocked with the essentials.
  • Clean and organize your refrigerator, making sure you have room for the food and beverages you plan on serving.
  • If you're planning to fire up the grill, make sure it's clean and ready to go early to ensure you don't miss a single play on game day.

Make Sure You Have Plenty of Seating

While some of your guests may end up standing—or jumping—as they cheer on their favorite player, make sure there's a seat for everyone. Arrange your seating so everyone has an unobstructed view of the television. Move patio chairs inside, or use folding chairs. Even an ottoman works for extra seating. 

Plan What to Serve 

Whether your guests will snack throughout the game or eat a meal at halftime, planning now saves you from a headache later. These tips apply whether you provide all the eats or assign specific dishes for guests to bring.


Choose snacks that won’t make a huge mess if they fly from the lap of a cheering fan. The snacks don't have to be the same old chips and dips. These party appetizer recipes are quick, easy and delicious.


A table set up for more serious food during halftime can satisfy the appetites of the hungriest fans and keep them going through the second half. But keep it simple and easy to serve.


Check out some recipes that are especially well-suited for a crowd:


Arrange a Football-Free Zone

As unthinkable as it sounds, there may be a few guests who are not as interested in the game. Set up an area in another room with a television or other activities, especially if there will be kids around. This alternative space avoids possible conflicts between yelling fans, talkative social butterflies and fidgeting children.


If there will be children, consider hiring a baby sitter to help, or arrange with other parents attending to take turns supervising. Set up a craft or game table (or both). These activities engage them in the game while keeping them busy.


  • Set out blank football pennants the kids can decorate using their favorite teams' colors and their own imaginations.
  • Find a life-sized poster of a favorite player and play "Pin the Football on the Player," or tape a goal post on a wall and play "Pin the Football through the Uprights."
  • Create bingo cards with squares to represent the commercials they might see: cars, movie trailers, soft drinks and so forth. You can even make game-related bingo cards with squares for downs, field goals, passing yards, touchdowns, penalties and the like.

Have a Clean-up Plan for After the Party

No matter how well organized your pre-game plans are, prepare yourself for a post-game mess. The spills go hand-in-hand with the thrills, so have a game plan in place to clean it all up.


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