4 Tips for Better Ice from an Ice Maker



If your ice maker's performance is aggravatingly below par, these tips can restore its cool.


  1.  If you use a water softener, check that it's working properly. Chemicals from a malfunctioning water softener can damage your ice maker.

  2. If your ice tastes odd, it might be old. To refresh your ice, dump the old ice in the sink, wipe the bin with warm water and dry it completely before putting it back in the freezer. Sometimes ice cubes stick together. Use a metal ice scoop or a large wooden spoon to separate clumps of ice.

  3. If your ice has a plastic smell, plastic from bread sacks and plastic containers not designed to use for storage can release a plastic odor that will be absorbed by the ice.

  4. Unwrapped food or improperly sealed food containers will cause the ice to absorb odor from the food. Make sure you store food in containers or wrap designed for freezer use.