DIY Air Compressor Repair

An air compressor is a handy DIY tool when it’s working correctly. When that doesn't happen—maybe the tank won't hold air, the pressure gauge isn't working or the safety valve keeps popping open—Sears PartsDirect has the troubleshooting guidance to get your air compressor back in good working condition.

Match the problem you’re having with your air compressor with a symptom below to see the most common repair. Once you determine the problem, use the instructions in our step-by-step DIY repair guides to replace the broken part.

Our articles and videos page offers advice on how to maintain different types of compressors and tips on the unseen dangers of air compressors and how to reduce compressor noise. You’ll also find more air compressor tips and use and care instructions when you download the owner’s manual. Many manuals can be downloaded for free.