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Water Heater filter light GEH50DEEDSRA

I have a GeoSpring-Hybrid Electric water heater. The air filter light and beeper keep coming on every 3 to 4 days after I reset it. The filter is CLEAN, even does it with the filter removed. Today...

Posted September 28, 2013


Scott D , October 02, 2013

Thank you for your question. I'm sorry you are having this problem with the water heater. This can be a very complex unit to service. The filter indicator light can be set off by 3 different sensors. When any of these sensors detect a blockage or if the compressor has accumulated a run time of more than 3000 hours. The most common reason for this type of problem to occur is a lack of ambient air. If the water heater is in a tight or closed area, it won't be enough air flow and will cause this problem. Now, if the board failed, there would be no way to determine what part failed unless there was a burnt spot on the board. If any component on the board failed, the board would need to be replaced. The board is not serviceable. Also have any error codes appeared that would help indicate what is causing the problem. I strongly recommend having a technician check and make the necessary repair on this unit. I'm attaching a site you can access, to schedule a tech to come out. Here is a link for the website: Sears Home Services.

Gary, October 02, 2013

The water heater sits in an open basement, no air restrictions. There are no error codes. After turning off power last time and powering back up, the filter light stayed off for @ 36 hours. It has been blinking and beeping since then, and pressing the filter button will not clear or reset it. What are the 3 sensors that could cause this problem? And can you send me a wire schematic of the circuit card? I am going to check for codes and reboot the heater again. Thanks, Gary

Scott D , October 03, 2013

Gary, based on the information listed, I suspect the control board has failed. I'm attaching information about the sensors and also the wiring diagram. I hope this will help you.

Gary, October 03, 2013

Scott, Thanks for the quick reply. One more question, where do I find your attachment with info on the sensors and electrical schematic? If it's been sent, whats it look like and how do I open it? Thanks, Gary

Scott D , October 05, 2013

Gary, I'm sorry you cannot see the information that was sent. I suspect you may not be on this MML site. I'm listing the link to this question with the attachments. http://www.managemylife.com/mmh/questions/362824-water-heater-filter-light-geh50deedsra . I hope this will help you.

Gary, October 05, 2013

Scott, got the attachments from that site. Thanks, Gary

Doug , November 02, 2013

I am also same problem as Gary, with a 14 month old GEH50DEEDSCA, also located in the basement with plenty of airflow and I clean the filter every month. I would like to know what additional parts/sensors I need to clean, before paying for a service call.

Doug , November 02, 2013

Gary - I am curious if you were able to fix the problem by cleaning sensors or did you have to fix the control panel?

Gary, November 03, 2013

Doug, I was not able to fix the problem. The filter light is still blinking but the beeper finally burned out. I tested the sensors with an ohm meter, they are all within spec's. So I suspect its a bad control board. When I checked for parts on line I noticed that the control board was available but not the sensors, makes me wonder if Sears knows that this is a problem item. Will keep on using it with a flashing light. Let me know what you did to get yours fixed correctly. Thanks. Gary

Scott D , November 04, 2013

Doug, the sensors would need to be checked to determine if they are causing the problem. The resistance will range from 34k ohms to 1.75k ohms depending on the water temperature. This is a very complex model to service and I would strongly recommend having a technician check and repair this unit.


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