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Samsung dryer heating problem DV210AEW/XAA

Hello, so I went to turn on my dryer the other day and there is no heat coming from the dryer on any setting. Now looking at the reviews for this dryer it seems that this is a super common issue where many people have had to have the heating element replaced; p/n: DC47-00019A. I looked in the trouble shooting guide and all it tells me under "will not heat (motor runs)" is that it is either the Hi-limit trips or is open, regulating thermostat trips easily or is open, membrane switch open, or check thermistor. I am not sure which it is at this point and would like to have either an insight of what to look for (I can fully disassemble the the dryer and look myself). However I do want to point out that I bought this dryer from Sears last July in 2011 and I am royally frustrated with the fact that the dryer is only 3 months out of warranty and the dryer breaks...right on time. Needless to say if I will never buy Samsung again and for the fact that it was "highly recommended" on Sears website I do not believe I would buy from this distributor as well for putting a dryer that will break as soon as it comes off of warranty. Thank you for your speedy response, Cindy

Posted October 31, 2012


Priscilla V, October 31, 2012

With the dryer not heating properly can be quite frustrating. I have done some research on the Manage My Life website and have located a link similar to your issue. While you are waiting for a detailed reply from an expert I have provided the link below. Hope this helps!

Fred M, November 01, 2012

From the model number you provide this is an electric dryer. If an electric dryer is running but not heating first check the two circuit breakers supplying power. If one is tripped then the dryer might run but not heat. I did not find any service issues with this model dryer. If the dryer is not heating you may notice an error code. If the dryer runs but doesn't heat then I'd start by checking the thermistor. I hope this helps. You can reply with any additional details for further assistance. If you have a meter the thermistor, thermostat and cut-off can be checked. If you have access to a meter this can be a do-it-yourself. If you do not feel confident repairing this problem yourself, then you can have it repaired by a Sears technician. Here is a link that will provide the nearest drop-off locations: Sears Home Services .

John, November 01, 2012

I have an older Kenmore, and have had to replace the thermistor several times, if you have an ohm meter, you can read if it's open of good, what can you say, it's an electronic part and can go out at any time-- the part is probably made in China


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