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Westbend Exercise bicyclemodel #7200

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my amana front loading washer won't unlock the door?

Amana front load washer. I shut it off then tried to start over and that didn't work. I unplugged for 1 minute then plugged back in, nothing. not sure what to do next????

Posted April 28, 2010


Lyle W , April 29, 2010

you may need to run a drain and spin cycle to remove the water from the previous cycle. try starting this type of cycle to see if the washer will drain the water and spin. this may reset the control.

press in firmly on the door to make sure that it is closed properly.

make sure that the control lock is not turn on. this would prevent the control from accepting any button pushes.

if these tips don't help, i recommend that you resubmit your question with additional details and the full model number if your amana front load washer. you may not be able to determine the model number if you cannot open the washer door. the model number is normally around the opening of the door. if you cannot supply the model number, send a picture or detailed description so that we can try to determine the model that you have. this will help us provide more specific troubleshooting for this problem.

Tina, March 17, 2011

my amana nfw7200tw front load washer won't release the door lock for me to get my clothes out. i can clearly see that the washer still has a little water in it. this was is only 2 years old. i really need my items out of that washer and i don't want to force the door open and end up damaging it further. i am at my wits end with this washer what an i do to get it to open and continue to open.

Mike, December 01, 2011

i have the same problem, i think my kid overloaded the washing machine. now the front door is locked, and whenever i press the dial to start it the mashine makes a buzzing sound but nothing else happens. the model number on my machine is nfw7200tw and there is another number wo1v54a5251472r. if i could get the machine open i could take out half of the clothes and try it again but i can't get the door to unlock.

elaine, May 23, 2013

i am having the same problem!!!!


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