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Kenmore Elite Refrigeratormodel #79571053010

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Why does my Kenmore Elite 795.71053.010 French Door Ice Chute keeps jamming?

When I try to dispense ice, it keeps jamming with ice. After reviewing other answers, it appears the chute flap may be driven by a solenoid? If this model does have this solenoid, how can I troubleshoot? Is there a diagram on how to remove and check?

Posted April 01, 2012


Anna T, April 01, 2012

it is great to have an ice dispenser on the kenmore elite refrigerator that is working properly. the expert will be with you shortly with an answer to your specific model. in the meantime, i am providing links with answers to similar questions about ice dispensers.

John H, April 05, 2012

thanks for contacting managemylife.com. i understand how frustrating it is having trouble with your ice dispenser jamming on the refrigerator. we are here to help. anna did provide you with two good links on this problem. i suspect the ice chute is not sealing properly. that can be confirmed by looking in the ice chute, and you see frost inside and possible ice particle's. that can be cleared by carefully blowing hot air into the chute with a heat gun. the ice chute door or seal may need to be replaced. your ice chute is spring loaded and also pcb controlled. also look at the ice cube size. if they are too large it will also jam the ice chute. the images below show you the parts of your ice chute. i hope this helps.

if you do not feel confident repairing this problem yourself, then you can have it repaired at your home by a sears technician. you may visit searshomeservices.com and click on the red start now button.

please feel free to let me know if you need further assistance. we are always here to help.

thank you for using managemylife.com.

Jody, May 08, 2012

the ice shoot door appears to be sealing properly. shining flashlight down chute does not show any light through the door. which direction is the ice grinding motor supposed to turn, clockwise or counterclockwise? also, the ice seams to block up within the ice bucket. the ice cube tray may be splattering water into the ice bucket below when filling the tray. what can be done to stop the splatter? thank you.

John H, May 09, 2012

based on what you said the chute is sealing properly. the motor for the ice dispenser turns both directions. one way for cubed ice, and another way for crushed ice. if you mainly use crushed ice, particles of ice collect causing problem for the dispenser. just choose regular ice cubes once a day will clear the shoot of that. i suspect the ice maker is over filling with water. that will cause the problem with the cubes sticking together in the ice bucket. your ice maker does not show any adjustment for the water level. it just shows a switch which relies on the sensor. i provided you a wire diagram of that below. the sensor may have to be replaced to adjust the water level.

Jody, November 24, 2012

the ice will dispense if i open the flapper by hand. hence i believe the flapper not opening is the problem. you mention the flapper is controlled by a spring & pcb. is pcb (process control board) meaning it is motorized? if so what can be done to test the motorized portion. unfortunately i have become very disapointed with the kenmore brand. really starting to regret making this purchase.

John H, November 26, 2012

i provided you some test you can perform with a multimeter below. you can also use the wiring schematic above to help you test the motor.

Jody, November 26, 2012

so the chute flapper is motorized? it appears the pictures you included with the last response refer to door closure switches and the ice cube grinding motor? the images are very hard to read. the resolution is not very good. is there a way to post higher res images? thank you.

John H, November 27, 2012

the flap motor is motorized. the switches supply the voltage to the motor so the flap will open. there is a second motor for the door on the image below. i have no control of the picture resolution. the tests should help you determine which part is bad.

James, October 26, 2014

i have all of the problems listed above, i have the part eau59551207. after removing the ice maker assembly inside the door, i see no way to access the chute assembly. looking at the outside of the door, i see no where to place a putty knife to access that area and no vanity plate above the dispenser lever to get to screws. so how do i get inside of the left french door to replace the solenoid that opens the dispenser chute? the diagrams are too small as posted to read.


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