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Kenmore Elite Refrigeratormodel #79571039010

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Error code ER 1F 79571039010 Kenmore Elite Refrigerator

I am getting an error code ER 1F on the front panel. No ice or water through the door.

Posted May 11, 2013


Joseph , May 11, 2013

searspartsdirect.com is always a great resource to find the answers to your parts questions. your sears partsdirect expert will research your question and respond within two business days but usually sooner. thank you for using searspartsdirect.com!

AnneJ, May 12, 2013

i can understand how frustrating it is to have issues with your refrigerator.  the error code er if means that the main control board lost a feedback signal from the icing fan motor for over 115 seconds. this fan is located in the rear of the freezer section, on the left side of the fan cover. the fan supplies cold air for the compartment where the icemaker is located. the error code may be cleared by disconnecting power to the refrigerator for about 3 minutes, then plugging the unit back in. the code will be cleared, but may come back if the icing fan does not start running. if the error continues to come back after the power has been reset. there may be ice formed around the fan housing preventing the fan from running. the fan cover can be removed, but is time consuming and difficult. you could just unplug the unit for 24 hours and leave the doors open. this will allow any ice build-up to melt and return the unit to proper operation. if you need further assistance, please reply to this thread. thank you for using manage my life.

steven, June 03, 2014

i am having the same problem with my model 795.72053.118. is there a faster way to defrost the fan because i'm going to lose my food from freezer? also, how can i stop this from happening again?

DAVID, October 11, 2014

i am having the same problem. what do i do until i can get the repair guys out? is there a way to unplug the ice maker.

Ted, October 29, 2014

same problem and very frustrating. is sears looking at fixing this or are we just expected to live with wasting a day defrosting every time.

Mary, October 31, 2014

i have the same problem (oct. 31). error code "er if" our fridge is just over a year old (out of warrantee). tried your recommendations - unplugging worked for a few hours but the error returned and turning it off for 24 hours is not an option. i scheduled service and was removing some of the freezer items to a backup freezer - and guess what - the error went away! everything is working again. recommendation: unload/reduce the amount of food in your top two freezer drawers. i also reduced the amount of food stored in the bottom, but not significantly. problem went away within 1 hour and has been working without error since (ice & water are now working). guess i can cancel the service appointment.

Yvonne , October 31, 2014

the humming sound coming from my refrigerator is mind bending. it's halloween and my refrigerator is haunted. you can see the refrigerator and hear the noise from our den. we've already had a technician out about two weeks ago, he couldn't find anything. thanks for all of your post, we're on the three minute countdown now. i 'll let you know if it works.

Val, January 21, 2015

4 days after cleaning my fridge i got error code 1f, i unplugged and replugged and the code went away but re-appeared overnight. i took panic mode to google and read on this site that it means the main control board lost a feedback signal from the icing fan motor for over 115 seconds. the fan supplies cold air for the compartment where the icemaker is located. - flash - back!! the doors were open for a long time during cleaning (while fridge was on) maybe too much warm air went in and disrupt ' feedback signal'. i checked behind freezer drawers and behold there was ice build up. i unplugged removed drawers and got to work melting the ice away with a hood hair dryer outside the back and hand held blow dryer inside behind the drawers (be careful, but it beats 24 hrs.) thank heavens, code went away and it's all good so far. keep those closed and don't overstock.

al81, February 03, 2015

mine did the same thing, i emptied the fridge, defrosted for 24 hours, all ice build up is gone but now the er 1f code comes in within a few minutes of plugging it back in every time, i have left it unplugged for 5min to one hour, many different times. looks like our top of the line fridge that is 18 mo. old is gona need expensive repair, nex time i will deffinetly go to costco for appliances, they have way better customer satisfaction policy, sears will do nothing about this, there is a class action i found on the internet about this problem. filling out the claim now.

Michael, March 15, 2015

just had the same problem and sure enough ice was built up over the fan housing. thankfully, all i needed to do was take a small hammer and gently tap the block of ice to remove. i cleared some small pieces inside the small front slit of the housing but i think the big solid chunk was the cause as it was blocking air flow in the freezer section. the good thing about these lower freezer models is that you don't have to deal with the fridge section warming up. i did all this without unplugging as i wanted to see if the error cleared once this was done and it did. removing the 3 drawers is simple too and we needed to clean out our freezer anyway so it worked out. hope this helps someone...

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