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model #DB6000TY2

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Kenmore Elite Oasis Electric Dryer Model# 11067052600 – NO HEAT? Please help with detailed diagnostic proceedures and diagrams!

I have owned the Kenmore Elite Oasis Electric Dryer Model# 11067052600 for about 7 years now with no issues. We always clean the lint screen after each load is dried and I annually clean out the vent pipe. Today the dryer stopped drying cloths. The dryer spins the drum and blows the air but no heat and so the cloths will not dry. I cleaned the vent and found a 20% lint blockage in vent pipe just before the vent goes outside the house. I turned off the 240V breaker to see if “rebooting” the dryer would fix things – that did not work. I also checked the connection from the wall receptacle to the dryer – both the 240v and 110V connections were at 240V and 110V as required – so no electrical problems going into the dryer. So now I am stumped. Please provide detailed step by step diagnostic procedures with diagrams as to how I can fix the dryer. Please also provide a detailed part list. I would much rather make one purchase of parts (even it not required to be replaced) rather than go through multiple purchases of parts and multiple attempts at repair. When you post your diagrams please be sure to post them in a size that can be easily read. Thank you very much for your expert advice!

Posted July 27, 2013


Yadira B, July 28, 2013

a dryer is an appliance we depend on so much, when there's laundry to be done.  while you are waiting for an expert to respond, i have added a helpful link (click here) that may provide information to assist you with your question.

Joey S, July 29, 2013

thank you for your question and i understand your concern.

if the dryer is getting the proper voltage supply of 220 volts, i suspect it could have one of the following failures:

  1. machine control board
  2. thermal cut-off
  3. high limit
  4. heating element 

 the thermal cut-off, high limit thermostat and heating element circuit cab be tested for continuity with an ohm meter. you can disconnect the red wire from the thermal cut-off and the red wire connected to the heating element leading to the motor centrifugal switch terminal 1m. place one ohm meter lead on thermal cut-off terminal the red wire was removed from and the place the other ohm meter lead on red wire disconnected that leads to 1m on the motor. if it measures continuity, the thermal cut-off, high limit thermostat and heating element is okay and the electronic control is most likely faulty. if the ohm meter does not measure any resistance/continuity, then you will need to disconnect the thermal cut-off, high limit thermostat and heating element connections and test each component for continuity. whichever on tests open/no continuity, replace that specific component.

note: disconnect the dryer from the power source before servicing. 

i added an image below with the procedure of removing the front panel along with the wiring diagram.

 if you get to the point where you need to have a service technician diagnose and repair this failure, you can schedule service through this link:sears home services.

Brian, July 29, 2013

joey - excellent directions - i have checked all parts as you have described. turns out that there was a small fire in the back part of the coil. the fire melted come of the coil components. looks like there was excessive buildup of lint that got pulled into coil and ignited. it would appear that the housing of the lint trap is not snug enough and lint was being drawn throughout the dryer. i have tested all of the components as you have suggested. all of those parts have good connectivity except the coil. i will order and replace the coil. for grins i also tested the non-resettable thermstat (good connectivity) and the themistore (no connectivity). do i need to replace the themistore as well?

Joey S, July 30, 2013

brian: the thermistor will not show continuity, it will show an ohm resistance based on the ambient temperature of the room. the inlet thermistor should measure approximately 50,000 ohms and the exhaust thermistor approximately 10,000 ohms. the thermistors are most likely okay and will not need to be replaced. i would just replace the heating coil/element and then see how it operates.

Brian, August 02, 2013

joey: thanks for the heads up on the thermistor. as you advised, i just replaced the heating coil/element. dryer is heating and working like a champ! it was a significant effort to replace it as i had to basically take apart the entire dryer to reach it. thank you for all of your help! your ability to provide detailed and targeted advice and diagrams was invaluable!

Mark, August 06, 2013

i don't see the referenced image for taking off the front cover and the wiring diagram. i need to test mine for the same issue. would you please add the image again?

Joey S, August 07, 2013

mark; copy and paste the url below in your browser and it will take you to manage my life where you can see the images in this thread. http://www.managemylife.com/mmh/questions/354354-kenmore-elite-oasis-electric-dryer-model-11067052600-heat-detailed-diagnostic-proceedures-diagrams

Tammy, February 07, 2015

these images are terrible, how hard is it to supply a good picture of a diagram???????. i even went to the link provided, signed up for the managemylife website and there are still no images.


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