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Whirlpool Side-by-side refrigeratormodel #ED5FTGXKQ00

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Whirlpool refrigerator there is no water flowing from the inlet valve up to the freezer compartment

There is no water flowing from the inlet valve up to the freezer compartment . I just replaced the water valve and still no water flowing up. I manually placed water in the ice maker and ice cubes were made just fine. There are no kinks, blockages or frozen ice in the lines Any suggestions on my next trouble shooting step would be greatly appreciated. whirlpool Model: ED5FTGXKQ00

Posted May 17, 2012


Priscilla V, May 17, 2012

i understand how it con be frustrating when it comes to water issue on the refrigerator. i have have done some research on the manage my life website and have located several links similar to your issue. while you are waiting for a detailed reply from an expert i have provided the links below. hope this helps!

AnneJ, May 20, 2012

i know it can be frustrating when the icemaker stops working. first, check to see if the fill tube behind the icemaker is frozen. if it is, you can use a hair dryer to thaw it out. just be careful not to get it too hot. if the tube is clear and since both primary parts have been replaced, it would lead to a voltage related problem. this icemaker has some test terminals on the module that may help determine what the problem is. to access the terminals, pull the front cover off of the icemaker. the terminals will be marked (see picture) and using a well insulated jumper, place it between the l - v terminals. be careful this is a hot (live) check. water should flow now with these terminals jumped. if nothing happens, some voltage checks will need to be made. i would recommend having a technician make these checks because it could be a wiring problem in the cabinet. if water does flow, it would indicate the icemaker is not cycling. this could be due to the freezer temperature not getting cold enough. if the temperature gets above 10 degrees, the icemaker may not cycle at all. to check the temperature, place a thermometer between some packages. air temperature is not a good check. if you need further assistance, please reply to this thread. thank you for using manage my life.


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