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Weedeater Lawn mowermodel #388170

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Kenmore Water Softener Issues - UltraSoft 180

I have a Kenmore UltraSoft 180, installed early 2006 (6.5 years), staring having problem recently: - loss water pressure when it is on service, back to normal in by-pass; - salt tank is flooded; - ...

Posted October 28, 2012


Barbara, October 28, 2012

water softener troubleshooting can be difficult without help. i would suggest adding the complete model number to help the expert provide the best information possible. i did attach a great site with animations and troubleshooting to help with these issues. i attached to the link below. i hope this is helpful.

cnfmsu, October 28, 2012

here is the manual of this unit: http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&ved=0cc4qfjaa&url=http%3a%2f%2fwww.softenerparts.com%2fv%2fvspfiles%2fassets%2fimages%2fkenmore%2520utrasoft%2520175%2520180%2520625.388170%2520180.pdf&ei=veonun6xk4hq9atpjiciag&usg=afqjcnhsfbcacctlr0wztqcinb3lm9kdiq&sig2=gbez5bkza3gearq7qzpssa&cad=rja

cnfmsu, October 28, 2012

retype in a more readiable format: i have a kenmore ultrasoft 180, installed early 2006 (6.5 years), staring having problem recently: - loss water pressure when it is on service, back to normal in by-pass; - salt tank is flooded; - can not regenerate, nothing discharged from drain line after 2 hours. here is a list of what i have checked so far, and the setup - whole house filter from the street before going into the water softener - clean the nozzle & venturi, seems normal - "fill" cycle does fill the water into the salt tank - on "brining" cycle, tested line come out of "nozzle & venturi": had suction for the first 10-20 second, after than the water coming out from it, not as much as the "fill" cycle. - skip the above 2 cycles with "regenerate" for the remaining cycles, very little discharged from the drain line. - drain line working as normal - open and check rotor, the strip and seal looks new to me open up the resins tank, it is full. it should had 7-11 inch of the "freeboard". i am guessing this may be the reason why the salt tank as flooded as there is not room to brining. am i right? may be the resins bed is not settle as failed to regenerate. i have not been running the "clean" for the resins bed. can i still do that, and how? how do i determine if i have the bad resins? how can i verify it is the issue of resins? can i empty out the resins, and retest out without them?

cnfmsu, October 28, 2012

what happen to the format? some how it does not take "enter" / "return".

Jerry C, October 30, 2012


i would like to assist you with your water softener. when you refer to the resin tank as full, are you referring to resin all the way to the top? if that is the case, it sounds like the resin is degrading due to excessive chemical content in the incoming water and it will need to be replaced, or the softener replaced. if you elect to replace the resin and not the complete softener, you may need to completely disassemble and clean out the main valve assembly and verify that there is no resin debris in the venturi and float systems. i have ran into a few systems on different water supplies that exhibited signs of resin degradation and swelling and softening of the resin can occur and this will expand the area the resin takes up in the tank and can potentially clog it. sears.com is a link to replacement resin and it will take about one cubic foot to fill your softener.

please let me know if you elect to replace the resin, i will be happy to assist you further.

jerry c

Jerry C, October 30, 2012

enter or return is (
) without the parenthesis.


cnfmsu, October 30, 2012

jerry, thank you very much for your comments! #1) yes, it is all the way to the top of the resins tank. they have not get into the rotor value. #2) venturi and float systems are all good per my assessment. #3) do you think i can run the "regen" after empty out the resins from the tank? i like to verify that the unit is still functioning with the exception of resins. can i do this? do you have any reference where i can get the resins? thanks

cnfmsu, October 30, 2012

jerry, thank you for the link for the resins.

Jerry C, October 30, 2012


the link in the reply is to the resin, available at sears.com. i will re-post it at the end of this reply. you will be able to run the softener as normal to test it mechanically after all of the resin is removed. it will simply not soften the water, but will show you if it is working properly. this would be a good idea in your situation.

jerry c

cnfmsu, October 30, 2012

very much appreciate your comments!

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