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Weedeater Edgermodel #PE550TYPE3

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dehumidifier problems again kenmore 70 pint just got my 3rd one doing the same thing its may 8th 2013

remember me from november 2012 bought the sears kenmore dehumid 70 pint and when i take the bucket out it does not stop running you told me to take it to the repair shop and i said its brand new sears can fix it i am taking it back so i did and last november i got a 2nd 70 pint kenmore dehumid got it home same thing remove to bucket machine still runs so i called the sears where i purchased and talked to the manager he said if the dehumid still does it in the spring of 2013 bring it back so now its may 2013 and i plugged it back in and sure enough here we go again i left it go for a good 3 hrs and when i removed the bucket the water statred coming out onto the carpet in my basement so i did what the manager told me to do from november 2012 and i took it back so i just got it home the new 70 pint dehumidifier and plugged it in its may 8th 2013 and let it go for 3 hrs again and guess what here we go again still running when the bucket is removed had tohurry up and stick the bucket back in so water would not go all over my carpet once again this is the 3rd machine i got that is doing this either we have a major design flaw or it is to stay running please help i am not taking a new machine to get serviced iwill return this one to if need be any suggestions i wish some tech from sears would call me to try and resolve this problem my name is dave sheridan 1625 walton ave altoona pa 16602 phone number is 814-943-1237 please have someone call me to try and find out what the hell is going on with3rd dehumidifier i think kenmore dehumids are junk

Posted May 08, 2013


Marc, May 08, 2013

the problem with the dehumidifier is concerning. i did some research but was not able to find a solution. your expert will be able to help answer your question. it may take two business days for your expert to reply. i do hope that everything works out.

Barbara H. , May 09, 2013

thank you for your question.  i can certainly understand the frustration with the repeat situation and this type humidifier.  without the model number i can only offer general advice.  i did find that another expert had researched a similar issue and found reports that during shipping, the roller in the bucket gets out of position so it will give you a false reading until it is put back, and the flow lever will push on the button for the system. the automatic shut off switch should activate when the bucket is removed, preventing water from flowing.  if this has malfunctioned on three humidifiers of the same make and model, i recommend taking it back for a different dehumidifier. if further research or help is needed, please reply with the model number.  thank you for using manage my life.

dave, May 09, 2013

i am replying with the model# 407.52701210 serial # is 7097520022941 i am getting sick of returning thes dehumids its the kenmore 70 pint dehumidifier remember when you talk to some other tech say this is my 3rd machine with the exact same problem i really can not imagine that 3 machines had the same problem during shipping is there a way i can check the roller in the bucket to see if its in the right position send me some pics of what i should be checking sounds like i am going back to sears for once again the 4th dehumid they are going to tell me im nuts i wish some one would contact the sears store in altoona pa 16602 and tell them its not me and its the malfunctioning dehumidifier let me know what you come up with getting the serial # i still would love to talk to a live person about this my name again is dave sheridan 1625 walton ave altoona pa 16602 phone 814-943-1237 please have someone call me to discuss this please

Barbara H. , May 09, 2013

thank you for the model number. i have reviewed all the material for this model and checked for manufacturer information on this malfunction. this may be a manufacturing defect that has not been documented yet, but i did not find any at this time. we reply directly to questions on this website. we are not set up for calls.there are two options that i see at this point. first, is to utilize the warranty coverage and have the dehumidifier serviced. that will also help to document the issue. you can use the sears home service link below to schedule service. the second option i have already mentioned. exchange this model for a different type dehumidifier. the possible issue i mentioned above did not apply to this model. i am sorry we could not be more help. i do recommend warranty service.

joseph, May 20, 2013

i had the same issue as dave. i returned two model 52701's because they failed to turn off as indicated in the manual after having their buckets removed. kudos to the store manager who went out of his way and tried to resolve the issue by trying two display models and guess what - they exhibited the same issues. so either there is a problem affecting the whole dehumidifier line or there was some manufacturing change made which was not disclosed to sears and failed to be entered in the manual. as these were new units i have no desire to "try" to fix the unit under warranty as suggested above. i tried being a good consumer and customer by contacting technical support to resolve the issue only to become as frustrated as dave. so i had to take the advice of a sears technical support account manager who told me to return the unit and purchase another dehumidifier. so i did. i purchased a competitor's model highly recommended by consumer reports. this never would have happened at my father's sears.


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