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Thermador Dishwashermodel #600

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My Kenmore gas oven wont turn on/heat up. The stove top burners will, but the oven wont.

Posted December 06, 2010


Joseph , December 06, 2010

i do a lot of baking so i know how important it is to have a good working oven in your home. while you are waiting for an expert answer, i recommend you resubmit your question and include your model number so that the expert will provide you with a more detailed answer. i did manage to find a link that will provide you with more details about your problem. i hope my link is useful.

Street0613, December 06, 2010

yeah. i don't have the model number or anything. we just moved into this house and the oven came with it. we are at least the 4th tenants to live here, so there is no telling where the manual is. i looked on the oven for a serial number or anything that would help, but all stickers have been pulled off. its an older model. our landlord knows just about as much as we do about the house because it is owned by our church and we moved in after we got a new pastor. we cant get in contact with the previous landlord because he moved, and we don't know exactly how to reach him.

Lyle W , December 07, 2010

many of the kenmore gas ranges have a gas shut-off valve on the regulator as shown in the image below. if this valve is off, the oven will not get gas even though the stove top burners will work. i recommend that you check that issue first.

if you do not see that type of tab on the regulator, i recommend that you see if the bake burner has a glow bar ignitor as shown in the second image below. you can normally remove the bottom oven cavity panel to view this area. if it has a glow bar ignitor, start the oven in the bake mode and see if this ignitor glows. if it does, then you likely have a bad ignitor even though it is glowing. if it does not glow, you could have a bad ignitor, a failed control/thermostat, a bad safety gas valve or a wiring failure in the circuit. reply with additional details if you need help with this type of ignition system.

some of the older ranges will have a pilot light for the oven that needs to be lit. reply with that information if you need help lighting the pilot.

you may be able to send us a digital photo of the range since you cannot find a model number. we may be able to provide you with more help once we see the type of range that you have.

i hope that this information helps. get back with us as noted above and we will assist you further if possible.

Joel, April 10, 2011

oven worked fine then out of the blue it quit. the stove top works fine we had a power surge/ brief power outage (30-45 sec) about one moth ago. crashed my main computer. oven worked fine for about another two weeks then it quit. tried unplugging it for a minute or so with no success. how do you tell if it is a bad ignitor ? i dont want to spend a ton of money on an ignitor if that is not it. is there a way to get a fault -error code? what is the proper way to diagnose the problem without costly service call? sorry for the sporadic questions...just typing what come to mind. thanks for the help. model no.790.71312700.

Lyle W , April 19, 2011

for joel: an error code will be displayed on the control when a fault condition exists. i provided the error codes for this model of range in the image below. if you are not seeing an error code, then you do not likely have a component problem that is listed in that document. the second image in the above response shows the theory of operation for the glow bar igniter system in your oven. i recommend that you check the ignitor to see if it is glowing when you start the oven in the bake cycle. you will need to pull up the bottom of the oven and the flame spreader to see the ignitor. if the ignitor is glowing, then most of the components in that circuit are okay. you would need to measure the amp draw of the circuit using a clamp-on ammeter to see if the ignitor is heating properly so that the resistance of that component decreases enough for the proper current to flow through the wiring to the safety valve and open that component so that ignition occurs. if you do not have a clamp-on ammeter, then you can likely fix the range by replacing the ignitor in that situation. if the ignitor is not glowing, you could have a bad ignitor, a failed gas valve, a bad electronic control board or a wiring failure in the circuit. you can unplug the range and check the resistance of the ignitor and the safety gas valve in this situation, the ignitor will normally measure between 40 and 600 ohms. the gas valve will normally measure around 1.5 ohms. use a volt/ohm meter to check those components. if those components are good, you will probably need to replace the control board. you can order parts from the sears parrtsdirect.com website. i provided a link for that website below this response. these tips should help you accurately diagnose and repair this failure. if you need more assistance, reply with additional details,


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