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kenmore drop-in range 94373- smoking oven horrible fumes

I just purchased my range yesterday and upon baking pizza there was a gaseous fume being produced that smells very dangerous like carbon monoxide and burns the eyes. Also, the oven would have alot of smoke coming out. This morning as I was preparing to bake, while nothing was in the oven, during preheating mode it was also smoking and produced the same horrible fumes. When I pressed the air guard button it produced the smell even worse. I believe the oven is good but I don't know why the smell is coming out like that.

Posted January 01, 2011


Joseph , January 01, 2011

a strange smell coming from the range does not sound good and i hope to find a useful link for you to use. while you are waiting for an expert answer, i did manage to find a link that will provide you some some great tips about what might be causing your problem. i hope my link is useful.

Lyle W , January 04, 2011

i see that you have an electric range. the link for a previous answer that joseph p. provided covers a gas range. the smoke and fumes produced by your brand new range are a concern but are probably not that dangerous.

make sure that you did not leave any packing material in the oven cavity.

a brand new oven will emit some smoke and fumes from oil and debris that is still in the oven cavity from the manufacturing process. a reasonable amount of fumes and smoke is normal. i recommend that you ventilate the house as much as possible and set the oven at 400 degrees in the bake mode. do not put anything in the oven. let the oven heat and allow it to stay on for 1 hour at 400 degrees. this should burn off most of the residue and oil from the manufacturing process. you may still detect a slight odor for a week or 2 after this process. eventually the odor will go away.

if the range continues to produce excessive smoke and fumes after following the tips provided above, the you may need to have a service technician examine the range under the warranty. you can call sears for service at 1-800-469-4663 (1-800-4my-home).


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