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Kenmore washer 40272 has no power. Unplug and wait a few seconds then plug in and power is restored.

I have a Kenmore 40272 front load washer. When I push the power button there is nothing there. I remove plug from outlet, wait, then plug back in. When I plug it back in the machine powers on. It runs fine through the cycles. When it finishes I remove the clothes and put more in and it works good. If I let it sit and come back to it later, it will not power on. It seems as though there is an internal breaker that is tripping. Is that a possibility? What could cause this? And what can I do to fix it?

Posted June 03, 2011


Barbara H. , June 03, 2011

troubleshooting electrical problems is something for the professionals for most of us. hopefully when the expert reviews and responds this will be an easy fix. if you do decide to have an experienced technician diagnose and repair i attached the scheduling link below.

Fred M, June 05, 2011

from the description you give this is an unusual problem.

do you have the washer plugged in to an outlet or is an extension cord being used?

do you see an error codes such as 2e?

if the washer doesn't work then an error code should be displayed. the image below show some codes you might see.

this problem will require live voltage checks and that is something only a technician should do. you can have it repaired at your home by a sears technician. here is a link for the website: sears home services .

you can reply with any additional details or questions for further assistance.

Harry, March 04, 2012

i'd love to know if there is more guidance from the experts here, because i just had the exact same problem with my kenmore washer 40272. no power no activity for a while. unplug and plug back in later and the washer eventually came back and works fine. not necessarily the first time though after unplugging/plugging. will be calling sears tomorrow to schedule a repair - hope they don't give me any trouble since the washer is working at this second

Dan, March 04, 2012

i ended up plugging mine into a power strip. when i wasn't using it i would turn the power strip off. then turn it on when i needed to use it. one day i decided to try it without the power strip and it worked perfectly. and it still does today. if you do get a service man to look at it, could you please report back on what they found? thank you.

Harry, March 05, 2012

spoke with sears today...very helpful...apparently there was a recall on the power control board for this particular unit. so, i have a scheduled visit to repair/replace the pcb - at no cost, despite being outside warranty. assuming that it all goes to plan, very pleased with sears/kenmore's response so far. part of why i bought the unit to start.

anhonet, May 05, 2012

i'm having the same problem with the washer. have to unplug it to get it to turn on. sears had nothing on a recall for the pcb. maybe the technician will know something more on monday. but i'm fully expecting to have to pay to fix it. the washer is only two years old.

Fred M, May 06, 2012

anhonet if you can provide a model number i'll check if there was a problem with this particular control board.

anhonet, May 07, 2012

model is 40272. thanks

Harry, May 07, 2012

i hope that fred m can steer you in the right direction. i did get the pcb replaced at no cost. works fine now. same model #.

anhonet, May 07, 2012

good to know things worked out for you. unfortunately, my washer decided to work properly when the repairman was out. he was a subcontracted guy and hadn't seen this problem before. no one i talked to at sears was familiar with this model having a problem. scheduling was all they were interested in. probably just talked to basic 1st level support type people. the washer has 90 days to act up again before i have to decide to eat another service call.

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