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Poulan Rotary mowermodel #376110

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Table Saw Circuit Breaker

Where do it get a Circuit Breaker for a Craftsman table saw Serial # 113-295752? I have by passed the breaker and the saw works, so it is the breaker that is faulty. The current breaker is a Klixon CGJ30EB

Posted November 28, 2011


Priscilla V, November 28, 2011

definitely having to find parts for your table saw can be a challenge to help in determining if you have the right part i would suggest visiting sears parts direct.com where you can view a diagram of all parts available for your tractor. i have attached a link below. hope it helps!

mark, November 28, 2011

i have chatted with sears parts on line. i have looked at the manual and parts lists. the parts line says they are not available, the parts drawing does not list the part. for a $3.00 part a perfectly good saw will not run. well it runs, but it does not have a circuit breaker in-line now. so i do not burn out the motor i would like to replace it.

Sam A, November 30, 2011

thank you for your question on the klixon reset for the motor.

i will need the emerson motor number to tie the reset button for searching.

please check the klixon number again as i was not able to find it by the number search in the klixon parts suppliers.

please let me know what you find.

sam a.

mark, December 01, 2011

hi sam, i found the same thing in researching the part. not knowing much about electronics i had no idea which reset would be the same. here is the info off the motor id. part # 62505 mfg model ks48yxek-198 120 volt 12 amp rpm 3450 hz 60 insul class b amb 40 deg c ph 1 mfg no. 381 7 e22922 the next problem is once you find a matching part is where to purchase it. thanks for the help, mark

Sam A, December 01, 2011

thank you for the update on the table saw motor reset. i did find a source for you. call a company that took over the emerson electric motors. eis @ 1-800-322-4702 and talk to debbie. i hope this will help. sam a.

mark, December 14, 2011

hi sam, it took a few days to contact debbie but finally talked to her. she told me she did have the circuit breaker i needed. one was $75 and 2 were $84 dollars so i got ordered two. before they arrived the saw died and i believe needs a capacitor. with the price of the breaker and now a capacitor i went out and bought a new craftsman table saw. i think the old one was a better quality than the new one, but now i have a lighter one that has wheels to roll on. thanks for the help, and as usual for me a day late and a dollar short. i am attempting to return the parts, i have not opened the package. mark

Dave, January 05, 2012

mark, i believe you and i have the same (or very similar) older craftsman table saws. just so you know, the capacitor is only $8 from sears or $5 from grainger. also, the circuit breaker (sears calls it a "protector) is $38 each from sears parts direct. not sure where you live, but if you're anywhere near the twin cities i'll gladly pick up you old sears saw if you have given up on it. i could use the parts, if nothing else! dave

Dave, January 05, 2012

protector: sears part # 74383, $38 @ sears starting relay: sears part #62453 (no longer available, but i'm told equivalent relays are available if you go to an electronic parts store) capacitor: sears part # 376110 107-129mfd $9 (alt: dayton 2mdr1 108-130 mfd, $5 @ grainger good luck!

Dave, January 05, 2012

i'm trying to find an owner's manual, but no luck. do you still happen to have your manual, by any chance? i also have model # 113.295752.

Sam A, January 06, 2012

thank you for the update on the table saw. the manual can be ordered from sears parts direct. i am sorry that we did not have this manual in the mml site for downloading. click on the link below for the ordering of the manual. sam a.

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