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Porter Cable Impact wrench-service notesmodel #625

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Kenmore water softener troubleshooting

How do I stop my Kenmore series 625 water softener from re-generating every day? All settings are correct, including a hardness setting of 35, and a maximum number of days before re-generating at 4. I paid 90 dollars for a service call a year ago for the same problem. Five minutes later, my daughter was handed a receipt which listed only a "re-set." The only re-set listed in the manual is for the usual settings, not a system re-set. What is going on here? I'm not paying again for something I can easily do? Is there a way to re-set?

Posted November 10, 2012


Alina, November 10, 2012

managemylife.com is always a great resource to find the answers to just about anything. your expert will research your question and respond within two business days but usually sooner.

Barbara H. , November 11, 2012

i do understand how a single word on a technician ticket would not feel like it is sufficient.

the model number should start with 625.***** and can be found by opening the lid for the salt tank. the reason i would need the model number is because some models have an over ride that allows you to set the days between regeneration regardless of the water used.

the kenmore elite series 420, 350, 370, 300 have demand initiated regeneration controllers.

water softeners that regenerate “initiated on demand” do so based on water usage, not on a scheduled basis. if water patterns change, the system will automatically adjust when it regenerates. demand initiated softeners are beneficial because they only regenerate as needed, resulting in savings on salt, water and ultimately, money." it appears that your water softener unit is reading and adjusting to household water use as it is intended.

the daily regeneration could be a water leak in the water softener or a leaky faucet or toilet may be robbing the softener. turn off all water faucets in the house to see if the unit continues to regenerate and draw water. if it does, check for leak in softener. if it stops, fix household leak.

often there will be an error code on the display. see this link: kenmore for diagnostic help. there is other help on this site as well.

i hope this information provides some help. if further information is needed, please reply. thank you for using manage my life.

Carl, November 11, 2012

this is an on-demand unit, but it is re-generating every night at 3 a.m., which is the correct time when needed. it should not do this more than every 4 days or so. water usage here is the same as always and there are absolutely no leaks anywhere. the faceplate displays no error code and all settings are normal. the repair person, from last year, told my daughter what to do if this happened again. she forgot. i have talked to kenmore 3 days in a row. they are just telling me to do things that are in the manual, most recently, unplugging for 3 days and plugging in again. i still had very soft water after 3 days, but a re-generation started as soon as i plugged in again (which now occurs anytime power is lost, then restored, something that should not happen).


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