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Maytag Dishwashermodel #MDB7609AWB2

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I need help with my dishwasher. It will not start. The buttons on the front default to "normal" and "heated dry", but I can't get it to start

The brand is Maytag. The Model number is MDB7609AWB2, the Serial number is F00705002. I spoke with someone who said that there might be a fuse burned out. I would be interested to know if I can access the control board myself, and possibly fix this problem. Previously, I was able to get the buttons to light up on the front, but now nothing lights up. I know that the power source is live and active.

Posted June 27, 2011


Joseph , June 27, 2011

diagnosing something like this problem would be difficult when you make repairs and still have a problem. i found a similar question from a previous expert post that may help you along with this repair while you wait for the expert to review. i attached the link below. hope this helps!

Fred M, June 28, 2011

if there are no lights or display at all then it would be best to check the thermal fuse/bi-metal first.

it is located in the console. the first image below shows a picture of the bi-metal. it will have a black wire and a black/white wire.

it can be checked for continuity with a meter or it can be bypasses by joining the two wires together.

remember to turn the power to the dishwasher off first.

i hope this helps. you can get a new bi-metal at the following link: sears partsdirect .

good luck. you can reply with any additional details or questions for further assistance.

Old Guy Mark, June 28, 2011

i removed the bi-metal fuse, and it tested ok for continuity, so i think the problem lies elsewhere. any other options?

Fred M, June 29, 2011

if there are no lights at all then i still suspect the bi-metal even if it tested okay. the other possibility is the power connection at the junction box of the dishwasher located behind the kick plate. make sure the wire nuts are not loose. i would suggest removing the two wires from the bi-metal and joining them together. electrical tape or a small piece of insulated wire will help with this. be careful trying this. be sure to turn the power off before accessing the fuse.

Old Guy Mark, June 29, 2011

ok, i applied the wire as a jumper between the two connectors, bypassing the fuse. i did restore power to the unit doing this. i can now change the cycle settings on the front from heavy, normal, or light. i cannot change the "options" as it defaults to heated dry, and will not change. the start button and cancel buttons will not respond. after 30 seconds, the machine shuts off. i also removed the kickplate, but there were no loose connections found. still not able to operate machine at this stage.

Fred M, July 02, 2011

if bypassing the bimetal restores the display lights then i'd replace the bi-metal. if you can't select or choose options then i suspect there is a stuck or shorted keypad in the console.


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