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Lg Washermodel #WM2077CW

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LG front load washer constant door error code

I am ready to order the door switch part through Sears for my LG front loader hoping to cure the DOOR ERROR code. Is this likely the issue?

Posted December 03, 2010


James, December 03, 2010

its always a good idea to ask for help on a repair like this. managemylife.com experts are a wonderful resource. i would suggest that you resubmit your question with the model # so you will get the best possible answer. i did find a similar question at managemylife.com that may help but this may be a different model. i hope it is of some assistance until your expert can respond

Floridahandy2010, December 03, 2010

thank you. it is an lg tromm wm2077cw front load washer.

biker dave, December 03, 2010

on something like this if you keep getting the door lock error code "de" i recommend checking the wiring harness going to the door lock first. if the harness is securely connected at the door lock & control board then i recommend replacing the door lock switch. another possibility is the control or door strike.

remember to disconnect power before attempting access.

please click on the attachment below & let us know if you run into a problem, thank you.

Floridahandy2010, December 10, 2010

thank you dave. is the control or door strike replacable also?

biker dave, December 13, 2010

yes, both are replaceable if you decide they need to be replaced.


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