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Lg Washermodel #WM2077CW

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LG Front-Load TROMM Washer (WM2077CW) DE/PF Error

I started getting DE (Door Error) and then PF (Power failure) errors on this relatively new washer. The errors seem to come up together. Sometimes a DE, followed by a PF, or maybe a repetitive PF. I checked all connections and wiring harnesses for loose or chaffing connections. Nothing. Finally took a chance and replaced the door lock sensor/mechanism, but to no avail. Is the control board the next likely suspect and/or the powerline noise filter? Should I try and replace the filter first (cheaper) or the controller or should I do both? Any other troubleshooting ideas? Thanks!

Posted April 30, 2012


Joseph , April 30, 2012

having multiple error codes on the washer can be an inconvenience and keep the washer from working properly. i am sorry for the inconvenience and i did manage to find two links that will provide you with some good information. i hope this helps while you wait for your expert response.

Karl, April 30, 2012

thanks, but neither of the links are helpful. will wait for an expert response.

Lyle W , May 01, 2012

this intermittent failure could be difficult to diagnose and correct. i provided a troubleshooting flow chart for the pf error in the first image below. i recommend that that you check the wiring connections on that main control board first. the second image shows the wiring diagram for your washer. be sure that you unplug the washer before accessing internal components. you can remove the top panel of the washer to access that control board. if you find no wiring failures, then you may need to carefully check the voltage coming out of the noise filter. note: you should only check that live outlet voltage if you are completely confident in your technical ability to safely measure it. wear electrical safety gloves and safety goggles when checking that live voltage. unplug the washer as soon as live testing is completed . if you have proper voltage through that filter then it should be okay. if not, then that component will need to be replaced. you can order parts from this page: lg washer wm2077cw parts .

there is a possibility that a short in one of the loads that is connected to that control board could be dragging down voltage and causing that pf code and door error. you may need to carefully check that wire harness for the door switch and lock assembly.

if you find no wire harness problems and that control board is getting proper voltage through that filter then you will probably need to replace that main control board.

be sure that you unplug the washer when accessing internal components.

if you need more help, reply with additional details and we will assist you further.

if you get to the point where you need to have a service technician diagnose and repair this failure, you can schedule service through this link: sears home services .

Karl, May 01, 2012

thanks lyle, you are definitely on top of it! i checked the voltage on the filter output connector and it was a solid 122 volts, fluctuating by no more than 0.2v. i had tried to visually inspect all harness wiring as best i could, and then while running the washer, i moved & pulled and shook all the wiring harnesses as well as pushing on all pwb connectors to try an recreate the error, but to no luck. the led is on, of course. i'm guessing maybe if it was a component load draw, that the error might be more consistent as to when it happens? (like when a pump was started), but i have not been able to correlate anything. the washer did 3 normal cycles yesterday with no errors. do you think that leaves us with control board failure? i suppose it could always be a component, solder joint on the board. should i also check output voltage from the filter while running the washer to see if it is failing under current draw? appreciate your expertise and help.

Lyle W , May 01, 2012

hello karl. you may be correct about a solder joint on that control board. there is a possibility that you have a wire shorting out on some load. that wire may be difficult to find. after checking the control board and shaking all the connections, you seem to be okay right now. once it starts acting up again, you may be able to use the diagnostic test shown below to power the various loads. that may help you determine the cause of this intermittent problem. let us know if you need more help.


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