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Kenmore Elite Residential washermodel #11027052602

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kenmore elite oasis washer repair

kenmore elite oasis washer model 110.27052602 serial CU3370001 The machine displays an F1 code when it is trying to fill the tub. I've researched the problem in online forums. I've cleaned the circuit board contracts, replaced the inlet water assembly, checked the water level tube for kinks, checked the motor speed/location sensor on the motor. It's still showing the F1 code when the water is filling the tub. If I stop the cycle and start it again, the machine will abitate and drain. But when it tries to fill the tub for the rinse cycle the F1 code shows on the display and the machine stops again. Someone suggested that the water level sensor on the circuit board was malfunctioning. I can replace the sensor if I can identify the part from honeywell. Do you have any suggestions?

Posted December 14, 2012


Julio, December 14, 2012

having your washer begin to display error codes and not function properly can be very frustrating. i did some research on the issue and provided a link to a similar question and answer on our site. i hope this will shed a little more light on the issue until the expert responds to your question in more detail within 24 to 48 hours.

Bill, December 14, 2012

i'm trying to avoid replacing the control board. if its the transducer for the water level, i would be able to replace the part if i can get honeywell to send it to me. they want a part number for the transducer which isn't on the sensor. whirlpool won't give any information on the circuit board and kenmore.com was useless too. all they would offer was to schedule an appointment for a repairman to come to my home to diagnosis the problem, then replace the circuit board. total cost would be more then the machine is worth. i suspect that the part would probably cost less then $5.00 including shipping.

Barbara H. , December 15, 2012

error codes like this one do require several checks to rule out before spending money on a new control. i see julio provided an excellent expert answer for this problem for troubleshooting. there really is not anything i can add to that answer. i have added an image with the troubleshooting straight out of the tech manual for this problem. as to the part on the control module, it is not sold seperately by sears parts direct. you may want to check outside sources with the complete control number to see if you can get an individual component but that is not something i could recommend. the control is manufactured to operate as one part. i am sorry we can not be of more help. please reply if further assistance is needed. thank you for using manage my life.

Bill, December 15, 2012

thank you for your advice. i'll check the water level hose for kinks and moisture. i don't know what the airdome is but i'll find it and check for lint or flashing. i'll look for the r on the control board.

Bill, December 16, 2012

i've tried all the suggestions given to me in this forum and others. the first thing that i did was to remove the control board and clean all the contact points including the water inlet solenoids and sensor connections. then i replaced the water inlet assembly. next was the motor circuit board at the bottom of the machine. no problem there. then took the tub out of the machine to check for debris in the water dome and water level tube going to the control board transducer. i blew air through the tube at the control board end and bubbles came out at the air dome. after all this i'm still getting f1 code when the machine is filling the tub with water. as usual i push the stop button and then the start button. this usually gets the fill cycle working again. when the machine gets to the rinse cycle i have to repeat the stop and start to get it to finish washing the clothes. is there anything else to look for before i replace the control board?

Barbara H. , December 20, 2012

since you have taken the machine apart and checked all the areas that cause this error with no resolution, it appears the control assembly will need to be replaced. it is part # w10189966 and can be ordered at the sears parts direct link below. the images below will help access and replace. i did go back through all the diagnostic information. it does point to the control. let me know if anything further is needed.


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