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Kenmore Elite Residential washermodel #11027082601

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Kenmore oasis Elite HE UL error code

I have a Kenmore oasis mod#110.27082601. it recently started to display a UL error as it starts to spin, it violently begins to bang the tub within the washer housing. Then immediately stops and flashes the UL error code. I have removed the top and checked the suspension struts which all seem to be intact. I then removed the tub and found nothing wrong there either. One curious thing i noticed was that the there are two plastic rings one top and one on the bottom of the tub have what I would assume is balancing fluid in them? Is that supposed to be there?

Posted January 07, 2013


Julio, January 07, 2013

it can be very frustrating when your washer begins to malfunction and display error codes. i did some research and provided a link to a similar question and answer on our site. i hope this will give you a better idea on the next step to take until the expert responds to your question in more detail within 24 to 48 hours.

John H, January 07, 2013

thanks for contacting managemylife.com. i understand how frustrating it is having trouble with your washer displaying an error code. we are here to help. julio did provide you a good link on this problem. i recommend that you use it. just click here to view that link. the plastic rings on the tub is used for balancing. however, there is not fluid in them, on this washer. since the suspension is ok, the tub bearing may be the problem. i provide you a link for changing the bearing. just click here to view that link. i hope this helps.

to order washer parts, please visit searspartsdirect.com with the model number.

please feel free to let me know if you need further assistance. we are always here to help.

thank you for using managemylife.com.

Vlad, January 07, 2013

thanks for that reply john, just so that i understand correctly, there's supposed to be no water/fluid inside those plastic rings. i'm a bit sceptical about that, since i see no way that fliud could have gotten inside those those rings, definitley not the top one anyway. if what you say is true then my probelm is solved by just drilling a couple of small holes in the rings to drain the fluid and problem solved. could you please verify that no fluid is supposed to be there from the factory before i ruin a tub. thanks v

John H, January 08, 2013

there is no water in the balancing ring on top. under the impeller is the hub and bearing. also, the stator is under the tub. there is a metal counter weight under the tub. that is shown on the second image key 13. drilling a hole will damage the tub and possibly the stator . then is would be cheaper to buy a new washer. another cause beside the bearing is the control board. there has been a software upgrade for the ul code. to check it this washer has the upgrade check the control board. there would be a hand written r next to the part number.

Vlad, January 08, 2013

with all due respect, i beg to differ i have read at least 4 posts from other experts who claim that the top plastic ring on the tub (key 10) is fluid filled at the factory, as well as containing baffles to slow down fliud transfer during centrifugal force application and sudden stops. if fluid is lost there for any reason, then severe balance issues will occur. similar to what i'm currently experienceing. i have had this tub off and if you roll it on its side it sounds very much like those bead filled "rain" sticks found at discovery channel stores. confirming the existance of baffled chabers in the top ring. there is no bearing noise commonly associated with this issue, and all struts appear to be intact and funtioning. to date i have repalced the control board (f1 error) and rps, including the wiring harness (f51 error) on this machine. both repairs yielded me approx 6 months of trouble free use between them. i will confirm if the replacement control board contains the (r) you mentioned, this evening.also key(13) if it is indeed a counter weight, appears to be attached to the external basin, which doesn't spin, so i don't understand how it can even be effective. in any case i have no doubt that i will conquer this latest obsticle, all i ask for is precise and accurate information from experts like yourself. thank you

Vlad, January 16, 2013

on a hunch i replaced the suspenion struts part # w10189077 and problem solved. until the next p.o.s kenmore problem.


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