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Kenmore Elite Washermodel #11047089600

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Kenmore Elite HE 5-t washing machine....spin cycle is crazy wicked

I just bought a used HE 5-t washer and dryer. They seem to work fine, but when the washing machine goes into the spin cycle....it rock-n-rolls like nothing I have seen. They are mounted on pedestals. My guess is there is an adjustment to be made to keep the machine from spinning out of control. There is no way to "balance the load" that I can tell. How do you get this machine to not walk across the room when it goes into the spin cycle? Thanks, Clark

Posted May 17, 2012


Jackie S, May 17, 2012

i know how scary it is to find your washer is banging around and making a loud noise. i was able to find a couple links that include helpful information for this issue. i attached the links below. i would suggest providing the full and complete model number to better assist the expert. just add to this thread. i hope this helps.

AnneJ, May 18, 2012

i know that it can be very frustrating to have issues with your washer. however, without your model number i can only provide some general information. there are several components that will cause the washer to vibrate this badly. the first is usually the shipping bolts in the back of the washer. these should have been put in before it was moved. if they were not, then the drum has shifted and is cause the washer to be unbalanced. this is not something you can fix yourself. you will need a technician for this. if you could please reply with the model number, i can then provide more information on this. thank you for using manage my life.

Crystal, September 23, 2012

my kenmore elite he 5t washer is making a loud noise during the spin cycle...is this part still under warranty or has it been recalled? my model number is 100.47089.600 and the serial number is cst4306548, any information would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

biguggy, September 23, 2012

crystal - the model number you have quoted is not valid, should it be 110.47089.600? in any event the he5t's are manafactured by whirlpool and are essentially rebadged 'duets'.

the loud noise during the spin cycle is most likely to be failed bearings, the second most likely culprit is a fractured spider. to gain a better insight into what is actually wrong reach in through the door and try to lift the inner drum vertically with respect to the outer drum there should be virtually no movement. now turn the drum through 90 degrees and repeat the test, then do it twice more turning the drum in the same direction each time. this will mean that you will have performed the test at 4 positions for one complete revolution of the drum. approximately equal movement of the drum in all 4 positions indicates failed bearings. greater movement in one or two positions indicates a fractured spider. it is possible that both have failed, the only way to find out for sure is to strip the drums down.

the manual for 110.47089.600 is available at the first link below and it indicates that the stainless steel drum is covered by a limited lifetime warranty, the spider is part of the drum assembly. it also indicates that the outer tub is covered by a limited 10 year warranty, the bearings and seal are supplied as part of the rear section of the outer drum. although the manual does note that you will have to pay for the labor to have these parts installed what it does not tell you is that to take advantage of the warranty the work has to be performed by an authorized sears service technician. sometimes sears offers a set price for the repair. sears will very likely insist that you agree to pay for the first 'service call' to diagnose the problem and find out if it is covered by the above warranties, you will also have to pay for any other parts required that are not covered by the subject warranties.

the parts covered by the warranties are items 8 & 11 at the second link below.


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