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Kenmore Elite Refrigeratormodel #79577549600

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Light wont go off on Kenmore Elite Trio Fridge, model 79577549600.

Kenmore Elite Trio Fridge French door model#795-77549600. The light will not go off in fridge, it got so hot it melted the cover off. Nothing is blocking vents, button for light to turn on or off when door is closed works fine, not sticking. Any idea's?

Posted January 05, 2011


Maira, January 05, 2011

i can understand how frustrating this can be for you. i was able to find some information on manage my life that can help you while you wait for the experts response. i have attached the link below hope it helps!

Lyle W , January 07, 2011

as noted in the link for a previous answer provided by maira in the above response, the light bulb staying on in this type of refrigerator is a known issue that is normally caused by a failed socket and possibly a bad relay on the control board. the manufacturer has extended the warranty to cover this failure and any damage caused by the refrigerator light staying on.

i recommend that you call sears at 1-800-469-4663 (1-800-4my-home) and schedule service for this failure. you will probably need to agree that you will pay the minimum charge for the service call even though you will normally not be charged once the technician arrives and verifies this failure.

if you need more help, reply with additional details and we will assist you further.

Kaby, January 07, 2011

lyle w thank you for the informative info. i did call sears and setup an appt and as you mentioned it was a failed socket & control board. the tech fixed the problem at no charge to us. the manufacturer has extended the warranty to cover this failure and any damage caused by the refrigerator light staying on. thank goodness!!!

Jennifer, September 04, 2012

i too am having the exact same issue. model 795.77243601. i bought in 2007. i called sears to see what parts were needed and if it would be covered under a special warranty as kaby suggested. they guy just kept wanting to sell me a $279 package of some sort and wouldn't help me at all. just kept repeating himself. not sure what to do next. where can i call that the person on the other end actually knows about this issue??

Lyle W , September 04, 2012

hello jennifer. you can schedule service online using the link that i provided below. to set up the service online (or over the phone), you will need to agree to pay the trip charge for the service technician to visit your home and examine the refrigerator. based on your model number and description, i expect that the refrigerator light failure will be covered under the extended warranty that is described above. i have to stop just short of absolutely promising that the failure will be covered but it would be extremely unusual for it not to be covered. if you schedule online, you don't have to speak with a phone agent. i apologize for the problem that you had setting up that service. if you still have problems or need more help, let us know and we will assist you further.

biguggy, September 04, 2012

jennifer - you may be interested in the link below which is a proposed class action lawsuit sttlement. your model number is listed.

good luck

biguggy, September 04, 2012

jennifer - the link below is to a thread on this site and deals with the same problem and the lack of response/knowledge from various sears people. on page 4 there is a post from connie which gives a number that worked for her.

good luck

Lyle W , September 04, 2012

hello again jennifer. you can certainly examine that class action lawsuit proposed settlement. it was a good call by biguggy to point that out in case it applies to you. if you have previous repair charges for that failure that were not reimbursed then you may have the opportunity to receive payment for those expenses. if you have not had a previous repair for that failure, then i recommend that you set up the service with sears and have them repair the refrigerator. that coverage for the needed repairs is the same that is described in the class action lawsuit. as noted above, it should be a repair that is covered by an extension of the warranty to cover that failure. if you need more help, let us know.

Jennifer, September 07, 2012

great, thanks everyone. i just called the number on the class action lawsuit and the agent was probably the rudest agent i've ever had. she actually yelled at me because i didn't have the serial number. i told her i didn't realize they needed that and that i'm not at home. she interrupted to tell me that this was my problem and she doesn't care about my situation but just needs the serial number. wow. i'll have to call back later but amazing that this was the service. not sure exactly what company this is but they should really find better reps!

Lyle W , September 07, 2012

hello jennifer. sorry to hear about that experience that you had with the representative on that line for the class action lawsuit. hopefully you will be able to get that service scheduled and have the refrigerator fixed soon. let us know if we can help you. thanks.

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