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Kenmore Elite Refrigeratormodel #40141003010

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Ice maker will not fill with water.

Kenmore Elite 401.41003010 refrigerator ice maker has stopped working. (Samsung) The ice maker is not filling. The end of the water tube is clear. The water dispenser works. Water pressure is good. The Ejector cycles when the Reset is pressed. This is the fourth time it has stopped in the past 6 months. Filter is about 2 months old. First time - Was not filling, pressed reset and it started to fill. Lasted a couple of months. Second time - Was not filling. Pressed reset and replaced filter. Lasted about a month. Third time - Was not filling. Pressed reset several times. Started to fill and worked for a week. Fourth time. Is not filling. Reset causes ejector to rotate, but it never fills. Should I replace the ice maker? Is there a second solenoid?

Posted November 24, 2012


Alina, November 24, 2012

managemylife.com is always a great resource to find the answers to just about anything. your expert will research your question and respond within two business days but usually sooner.

Ron H , November 26, 2012

thanks for the information about your ice maker in the kenmore elite refrigerator.
my data is limited on this model, however based on the information provided; i would first recommend checking the water line between the valve and the ice maker. i have seen some reports of the line freezing up inside the door. try removing the outlet side (line) then reset and watch the cycle if water comes directly from valve we know it is working, reinstall line recycle again if valve calls for water but no water enters the ice maker then we know the line is frozen inside the door.
replacing the ice maker would be the last resort. i would also suggest calling for a technician to come diagnose the problem, as parts are expensive and non-returnable.

thanks ron h.
if you get to the point where you need to have a service technician diagnose and repair this failure, you can schedule service through this link: sears home services .

Peter, November 29, 2012

hi ron, thanks for the information. i went to troubleshoot the ice maker after receiving your reply. i had to wait until i got home from work. when i arrived home, the ice maker was making ice again. pretty hard to ts when the thing is working. i suspect you are correct that the line is icing up. if it occurs again and i determine that water is available at the bottom of the freezer door, then it is probably frozen. what can i do to prevent the line from freezing? the freezer is set to the recommended setting for best ice maker operation (-2 f) according to the manual. is there a fix or service bulletin on the line freezing? regards, peter

Ron H , November 30, 2012

hi peter; it’s good it is working and hopefully it won’t stop again. be ready to perform the check suggested. there are no bulletins about line freezing in door and the door is a non-serviceable door. don’t do anything until the cause is confirmed. ron h.

Peter, December 22, 2012

hi ron, ice maker is not working again and has not for over a week now. i pulled off the line at the bottom of the door and hit the reset a couple of times and verified that no water is supplied at the coupling. i also verified that i had the right line by using the in door water dispenser which continued to work. now that we know that the line is not frozen in the door, what is the next step? replace the solenoid or ice maker. the solenoid is a dual unit. one side feeds the water dispenser while the other feeds the ice maker. my bet is on the solenoid. what do you think? regards, peter

Ron H , December 24, 2012

hi peter, i would definitely replace the water inlet valve first. check all wiring connections as well. ron h.

Peter, December 29, 2012

hi ron, ordered a new ice maker and installed it three days ago. ice production commenced almost immediately and is still going strong. at this point it looks like it was the ice maker not calling for water. i have an electronics background and took apart the old ice maker. there is no control board in it like other ice makers that i have seen. there is one small board with two sensors that look like proximity sensors that are activated by magnets. i suspect one of these is responsible to indicate the ice maker is set up to receive water and is not working any more. if i get a chance, i will grab a multimeter and power supply and see if both sensors are operating. the weird part is most electronics fail completely versus intermittent like this was. could be a bad solder joint. thanks for your time. peter

Ron H , January 01, 2013

hi peter; you are welcome. ron h.


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