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Kenmore Elite Gas rangemodel #79078503010

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Are the placement of LP conversion for Kenmore Elite Dual Fuel Range correct?

The instructions which came with the LP conversion orifices for our Kenmore Elite Dual Fuel Range (top only) are not complete. We thought perhaps the LP orifices were not the correct ones for this stove since they are color-coded and there is no color-coding on the NG orifices nor on the stove nor on the instruction sheet. Please confirm that these are the correct LP orifices for this model #790.78503010 and that the placement as follows is indeed correct (the NG numbers are as arrived in the stovetop): back left burner center burner back right (simmer) burner LP 1.09 LP .84 LP .66 replaces 187NG replaces 146NG replaces 107NG front left burner front right (split) burner LP .84 LP .93 LP .22 LP .93 replaces 146NG replaces 167NG 048NG 167NG Thank you.

Posted January 09, 2012


Jackie S, January 09, 2012

i know this type of information can be very helpful for you to have. while you are waiting for your expert answer, i did some research on the unit. i was unable to locate information that would be helpful with regards to your question at this time. your expert will answer within 24-48 hours with detailed information. thank you for using manage my life.

Bev, January 10, 2012

looking at at the way the question is printed above, the information i typed is not all there, so will try again. the complete information for which i am trying to get confirmation is: back left burner lp1.09 replaces ng187; front left burner lp.84 replaces ng146; center burner lp.84 replaces ng146; back right burner lp.66 replaces ng107; front right burner lp.93, lp.22, lp.93 replace ng167, ng048,ng167. thank you.

Lyle W , January 11, 2012

i am showing that you should have lp conversion kit 316542417 for this range. i provided the instructions that i have for that kit in the images below. you will not need that last page since your range has an electric oven. based on the information in that document, i am showing this configuration for the burner orifices:

  • right front -- 2 of the 8k purple orifices for the twin burners (.84mm) and the 750 btu orange orifice (.22mm) in the middle as the simmer orifice
  • right rear -- 5k pink orifice .66mm
  • center -- 9.5k white orifice .93mm
  • left front -- 9.5k white orifice .93mm
  • left rear -- 14k brown orifice 1.09mm

this information should help the installer replace those orifices on the range.

note: this conversion should be completed by a qualified installer. contact your local gas supplier if you need a qualified installer to complete this conversion. you may also be able to find a pre-screened service provider on the servicelive.com website.

if you need more help, let us know.

Lyle W , January 11, 2012

here is the 4th page even though it will not be needed for this dual fuel model.

Bev, January 12, 2012

thank you very much, lyle.

Lyle W , January 12, 2012

we are always glad to help.

Michael, January 20, 2012

instructions for conversion to lp on proline dual fuel free standing range indicate change of orientation of insert under hex cap in regulator in addition to jet changes. my regulator configuration doesn't match drawings in installation manual. hex cap contains plastic insert with tall cylindrical projection that fits inside of regulator coil spring, but with no provision to remove or reposition. common sense tells me that the regulated pressure must be changed to accommodate the lp versus natural gas setting. image attached. please advise.

Lyle W , January 21, 2012

the red insert needs to be flipped over as shown in the image below for lp (propane) gas. i apologize that the instructions for that type of regulator were not included in that lp conversion kit instruction sheet. i have forwarded that information to the manufacturer so that it can be corrected. if you need more help, let us know.


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