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Kenmore Elite Freezermodel #25328092801

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Kenmore Elite Freezer, Mod. 253-28092801, fan won't go off when door opened-runs all the time

Top of line Kenmore Elite Upright freezer with electronic controls (Model# 253-28092801; SN# W891838326) purchased last year. Door was removed and repaired/rebuilt by Sears per recall in Nov. 2009. Consistently shows 0 degree temp on electronic control display, and appears to maintains that temperature. (Control "locked" per Manual). Previous normal operation had compressor and fan cycle "off" periodically, and both would turn off automatically if door opened, and then resume operation when door closed. Now fan (and, perhaps compressor, although hard to tell above fan noise) runs continuously, and does not turn off even though door is opened. Problem began about 3 weeks ago. Initially I could stop continuous running by opening and closing the freezer door. Freezer would then cycle normally for a few days. Now even opening the door will not shut off fan. Door light switch operates normally. Depressing that button switch turns off the light and releasing it turns light back on. I cannot find any other door actuated switch on this model. Please advise how to fix this problem.

Posted November 12, 2010


Jacqueline S, November 12, 2010

i can see how the fan running constantly could concern you. it is always a good idea to make sure your appliance is working properly at all times. i found a couple links that may assist you with an answer as to why your fan is running constantly. i have attached the links below. i hope this helps!

Paul, November 12, 2010

thank you for your suggestions. however, this is an upright freezer only, and the issue is that the cold air blower fan in the freezer runs constantly now, and will not even shut off when the door is open as it is supposed to in order to preserve the cold in the freezer. with the fan running when the door is open, lots of cold air is lost---and if you stand there long enough you can get frost bite.(:

Paul, November 12, 2010

i don't know if this will help diagnose this problem, but about 15 minutes ago i went to the freezer. the fan was running as it had been all morning. however, ever the optimist, i tried opening and closing the freezer door. the fan stopped immediately as i opened the door and did not resume when i closed the door. the door was only opened about 10 inches, the fan stopped and i immediately closed the door. the door was opened and closed in about 3 seconds. this is the first time the fan has gone off when opening the door in about a week.

Scott D , November 13, 2010

i can understand your concern. actually on most all freezers now with electronic controls, the fan will continue to run, when the door is open. on some older mechanical control models, the door switch may shut the fan off but even on most of those now, the fan will continue to run. door switches will not control the compressor. i have never seen or heard of a freezer that would turn the compressor off, by opening the door. keeping the fan running is, actually an energy saving feature because it keeps a rush of warm air, from entering the unit, when the door is open. these fans are very energy efficient and by running when the door is open, it won't take as long to cool back down and shut off the cooling cycle, after the door is closed. it does appear this unit is working normal. i hope this will help you. thank you for using manage my life.


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