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Kenmore Elite Freezermodel #25316082108

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Kenmore Elite Chest Freezer - Disable Alarm

Kenmore Elite Chest Freezer - Model 253.16082108 I need to permanently DISABLE the audible alarm on this freezer. Is there anyone out there with a detailed schematic that can help me identify and disconnect the correct cable/plug or wire to disable the audible alarm?

Posted August 29, 2012


Alina, August 30, 2012

i understand that you want to disable the alarm on your kenmore elite chest freezer. while you are waiting for an expert to respond, i have attached some helpful links below that may provide information to assist you with your question. have a great day!

Scott D , August 30, 2012

thank you for your question. the alarm is built into the control and there is no cable or plug to disconnect. the only way to disable it is, to press the alarm off key pad. now, it can also beep if the battery is weak or gets disconnected. i hope this will help you. if you would like more assistance, reply to this thread and i will be glad to assist you further.

Lauren, August 30, 2012

is there a way to access the ocp board in the lid of the freezer without breaking the plastic rivets that appear to hold the lid, lid seal and lid interior liner together?

Scott D , August 31, 2012

lauren, the overlay (# 57 in image) has to be peeled off to access the control. now, the overlay can and usually does get damaged when this is done and a new overlay # 216947402 will probably be needed.

Lauren, September 04, 2012

yes, i have peeled back the overlay, but still cannot directly access the control board. how is the handle retained? are there clips, snaps or screws that hold the handle onto the outside of the freezer lid?

Scott D , September 05, 2012

to remove the handle in some models will require separating the inner and outer door panels. i recommend removing the door and laying it down to separate the panels. again, with some models the control can be access, by removing the overlay and in others, the panels will need to be separated. it would be very unlikely that the display control board would need to be replaced. the main control board controls all the functions. i hope this will help you.

Lauren, September 10, 2012

it looks like the door panels (and door gasket) are held together with "plastic rivets". are these retainers able to be removed and re-used, or would they need to be replaced due to breakage upon removal? any advice on how to remove these rivets without breaking them? thank you!

Scott D , September 11, 2012

lauren, the rivets would have to be drilled out and i would recommend having a techinician do this. however, this control will have no effect on the alarm.

Lauren, September 18, 2012

okay. you are telling me that all the sensors and controls for the audible alarm are not located on the display/control board in the handle on the door. the actual "beeper" is located on the display/control board in the handle. i was thinking about disconnecting the beeper on this board (cutting an etch on the pcb or breaking the beeper), but drilling out the plastic rivets does seem a bit destructive. especially if i don't have the replacement rivets or the tools to install them correctly. so, the main control board is what drives the audible alarm. there must be a cable that connects the main board to the display/control board. also, there must at least one wire in that cable that is dedicated to the audible alarm. please help me identify the location of the wire(s), or pin numbers on a cable connector, that provide power to the beeper. thanks!

Scott D , September 19, 2012

lauren, there are no wires or cables that can be disabled for the alarm. the alarm is built into the main module that is located next to the compressor. this is a safety feature and the only way to silence the alarm will be to press the alarm off button and then only the light will continue to flash. if the alarm still sounds and the temperature is ok, the module will probably need to be replaced.

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