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Kenmore Elite Dryermodel #11067042600

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Kenmore Elite Oasis electric dryer problems

I have a Kenmore Elite Oasis electric dryer, bought in 2008 (barely used, I was sent overseas for 2 years, so it's basically new), model # 110.67042600. The auto feature of the dryer doesn't work (it used to). The timer appears to count down, but when the dryer turns off the clothes are not dry and the dryer doesn't always seem hot. Sometimes it gets hot near the end of the cycle, but the clothes do not dry. Using the timer feature doesn't work any better, sometimes taking 2.5 hours for a standard load of laundry. I've replaced one of the electrodes (didn't realize there were 2), no change, so I just ordered the second electrode, doubt that will help. Is there a controller unit (thermostat, whatever) that controls the heat that I can order and replace that would fix the problem?

Posted January 17, 2012


James, January 17, 2012

i think we all know just how fast our laundry seems to pile up on us. i'm sorry to hear that you are having difficulties with your kenmore oasis electric dryer. i did some research for you and found this expert answer to a similar question that may help until your expert can respond to your specific question. the link is attached below. if you do decide to schedule service and have a qualified technician help you, i have also attached a link to searshomeservices. i hope these links provided assist you.

Richard, January 17, 2012

thanks very much james, unfortunately the problem that lady had is not the same, but appreciate it nonetheless.

Landell , January 18, 2012

hi richard,

thank you for submitting a question to manage my life.

the first thing i recommend is checking for error codes. this washer has a test routine you can run that will help in the diagnosis of any problems the control detects. if the control detects a problem it will identify it with an error code. i am including this information in a set of images below. the test for moisture sensors and displaying inlet air flow is also included in this information.

if you do not feel confident repairing this problem yourself, then you can have it repaired at your home by a sears technician. here is a link for the website: sears home services .

here is a link that you may use to view the parts list diagram or to purchase any parts needed; sears parts direct .

please perform the diagnostic tests detailed here and report back with your findings. be sure to record any failures and when they occur along with any error codes that are displayed.


Richard, January 18, 2012

landell, thankyou very much for this diagnostic test sheet. the diagnostics gave only one fault, f25 (inlet thermistor shorted). the recommended procedure is to do test 4a on page 9, but the sheet you sent me doesn't go up to page 9. is the inlet thermistor a part that can be replaced? is it possible for you to send me the other diagnostic pages so i can do the troubleshooting on the thermistor? thank you! rick

Richard, January 18, 2012

landell, looking at the parts diagrams on the sears website, is this the correct part to replace the inlet thermistor (thermistor, part number: 8577274)? second question - what would be causing this to short, and would simply replacing it fix the short or could the new part short again? thanks rick

Landell , January 18, 2012

richard, below is test 4a for your dryer. the thermistor you most likely need is part number 8557403. the inlet thermistor is part of the high limit thermostat which is located on heater housing. i am including disassembly instructions for your dryer below. always unplug or de-energize electrical equipment before removing covers or attempting service. be careful and wear appropriate hand protection when working around sharp metal parts. i hope this is helpful. please perform the tests i am including and if i may be of further assistance please reply to this post. landell

Richard, January 18, 2012

landell, i'm ordering the part (its not in stock at my local sears) and will install it once i get it. the procedure calls for removal of the drum and belt, and references a different page to tell you how to do that (page 4-15) - could you please attach that page as well? many thanks for the quick response and i'll let you know how it goes! rick

Richard, January 18, 2012

landell, please disregard last post, the drum/belt removal are on the document you already attached, my apologies. rick

Landell , January 19, 2012

richard, i see that you may have already ordered the thermistor. it is possible that the thermistor is not the issue. it could be loose wiring or a control board issue. that is why the testing instructions i sent advise you to ohm the thermistor from the control board. if the thermistor does not fix the problem, check the wiring carefully. i hope this is helpful. please perform the tests i am including and if i may be of further assistance please reply to this post. landell

Richard, January 23, 2012

landell, good news and bad news. got the thermostat in, no problems installing. bad news, i found some broken wire on the bottom of the dryer, further investigation revealed it to be a broken wire from the heater element coil to the heater terminal block - somehow the wire was broken, which explains the lack of heat. i need you to verify for me if you could the part number - is it part # 8544771 ? thanks! rick

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