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Kenmore Elite Refrigeratormodel #40141003010

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Questions & Answers about this model powered by

Refrigerator ice bin is stuck in door !

Sears Elite Model # 40141003010 Have tried===turned off, removed all ice (only minor flood in kitchen) tried hair drye (works better on my hair) checked price for repairman-- hung up quickly and prayed!!! HELP

Posted February 27, 2013


Joseph , February 27, 2013

i am sorry that you are having some difficulties with the ice bin in your refrigerator and i will be happy to help. i did some research and i was able to find a link that will provide you with some good information. i hope this helps with your research while you wait for your expert response.

Scott D , February 28, 2013

thank you for your question. we have checked on this and there have not been any issues with this bucket. usually with buckets in the door, moisture will accumulate under it and can freeze making it hard to remove. getting in and out of the freezer as quickly as possible can help in this matter. another possibility that can allow moisture to form around the bucket is if the dispenser chute door does not make a good seal. in this case there is a complete chute assembly # da97-06473g. i hope this will help you

Greg, May 26, 2013

for kenmore and whirlpool -- i actually did this twice - neither time was pretty so i can't guarantee it will work for you. as best as i can tell the infamous blue button (or tab) on the right side of the bin controls a long blue plastic slider that runs along the back of the bin bottom and is supposed unseat 2 plastic tabs when pushed in (we all know how we'll that works!). first i pull the blue button (tab) all the way out. then i slide a long thin piece of metal (in my case a bread knife) in along the back of the bin under the blue plastic slider (which of course being under the bin you can't see). then i put upward pressure on the blue slider by pushing down on the knife handle (like a lever). after several attempts (if you are lucky) the right tab will unseat and the bin will be loose but probably not free. at this point i was able to put strong upward pressure while rocking right and left and the back tab gives way (if you are lucky). obviously plastic is involved and breakage is possible - only attempt if you are ready to take a sledge hammer to it as i have been!

John, July 16, 2014

i love scott d's expert response "...there has not been any issues with this bucket..." (thick with sarcasm). my ice bucket jams constantly especially if i attempt to make crushed ice. the bucket release button comes off track somehow, get stuck in but not releasing because it is out of wack and bingo, the bucket is stuck. i was on here looking for a visual diagram of the guts of this thing. i will tell you i am very very disappointed in this side by side. not whirlpool/kenmore's best work by a long shot.


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