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Kenmore demand water softenermodel #625348491

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Water softener comparable to Kenmore 625.348491

I have a Kenmore water softener (model # 625.348491) purchased in 2001, which is not working. It is filled with water and the water is not circulating. First question: Is that ten-year-old model worth repairing, or spending the $130+ to have the Sears repairman come out to look at it? Second question: If I purchase a new water softener, which of the current models is comparable to my discontinued model? I do not want to spend more than I have to on capacity, etc., but I want one that is large enough to handle the job. We have well water, but I do not know the degree of hardness. No one in the Sears appliance department at your King of Prussia, PA store could answer my question. I would appreciate a quick response since I have to schedule the plumber this week, and there seems to be no other way to contact knowledgeable people at Sears. Thank you in advance.

Posted July 06, 2011


James, July 06, 2011

when an appliance goes out i usually see money going out the window, either in repair cost, or a possible replacement. managemylife.com can take the mystery out of the repair. your expert can help you determine if you should consider replacing or repairing an appliance. i did some research for you at this web page and found an expert answer to a similar question which may shed some light on the problem. if you decide to schedule service, and have a qualified technician to assist you, i have attached the link to searshomeservices.com. i hope this information will be useful until your expert can respond.

Lyle W , July 06, 2011

since your current model is over 10 years old and needs repair, i recommend that you replace it. the resin would probably need to be replaced along with other repairs. with parts and labor, you would probably be spending the same amount on repair that would spend to replace it. the comparable current model to that water softener is the model 625.38350. here is a sears.com link for that model of water softener: kenmore extra high efficiency water softener . here is a link for the owner's manual/installation guide for that model: owner's manual/installation guide . this information should help you. if you need more assistance, reply with additional details.

Kurt, September 30, 2012

james, you most likely had a dirty, plugged or damaged nozzle &/or venturi ... so you could have spent $11.99 for the venturi gasket (7204362) and cleaned out the screens etc. yourself; no tools needed. saved yourself a bundle (instructions in your manual or online). if most advice sponsored by this site and sears is like lyle's then this site is a sham.

Kurt, September 30, 2012

oops, that was supposed to be addressed to mia, james was an "expert" like lyle ... wow, guess that titled is handed out a little too easily.

Lyle W , October 02, 2012

kurt is correct that cleaning the nozzle and venturi could correct that type of problem. replacing the venturi gasket would likely be necessary as he indicated. he is correct that the procedure for that repair is described on the kenmore water.com website. that website has detailed animations of the systems. it provides detailed instructions on accessing and cleaning the nozzle and venturi. we often recommend that website to members who are seeking help with do-it-yourself repairs for water softeners and other water treatment systems. we also provide detailed technical repair help to anyone and everyone who asks us for assistance with do-it-yourself repairs. based on the detailed technical advice that we provide, i do not consider our manage my life website a sham. if you need advanced technical help with any home appliance or other issue, let us know and we will gladly help to the best of our ability.


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