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Kenmore Washermodel #41743142200

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replace soap dispenser drawer on Kenmore front loading washer

The drawer (part # 131271910) that dispenses soap needs to be replaced because it was chewed up by a rat! Looking at the schematic and into the dispenser hole with the drawer removed, I can see no other damage except some nibbling around a 1 x 2 inch rectangular hole on the left side of the plastic wall. The bleach and softener covers are destroyed, however I never use either of these so prefer not to buy if I don't need them. I only pour liquid down the soap dispenser hole. I have actually washed twice since the damage occurred because I didn't realize exactly what had happened. (I knew there was damage, so I pushed the drawer back in and put the soap into the bottom of the wash basket before starting the machine.) The machine worked fine except water came out of the dispenser door and I forced a bath towel against it to soak up the water. The clothes came out clean and fresh afterwards. There was not a great deal of water on the floor and none under the machine when the kick plate was opened. It looks like a simple job of replacing the drawer which just slides in and out. The Sears technician who came out wrote a $437 estimate and then discussed buying a new machine. I do not know what he thought it would need. Probably everything close to the drawer to be that amount. I ordered a new washer, but it has been an ordeal because the same model is not available and the delivery people came but refused to remove the dryer in order to put the washer under it. They said I needed a mounting kit, but the sales person says it comes with the dryer. All this will cost over $700. I am getting annoyed and ready to do it myself. What do you think?

Posted December 28, 2010


ES111010, December 28, 2010

the model number is 41743142200

biker dave, December 30, 2010

thank you for explaining the details; sorry to hear about those dirty rats trying to destroy your washer. it sounds like all you want is the drawer replaced. you can order the drawer from sears or purchase one locally. once you get the drawer installed (you will need to swap over the latch & magnet) get back with us if you run into problems.

i'm not real sure why you want the complete washer replaced & how did sears come up with a $437. est for this type of repair??


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