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Kenmore Washermodel #41748102701

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front load washer #417 48102701 no spin on any cycle

did all diagnostic testing and all functions worked . Pump works not clogged, hoses not clogged, door lock light lights green and door will not open, changed 2 circuit boards . when pushing buttons to control functions 3 out of 4 work the extra spin cycle does not light.

Posted December 07, 2011


James, December 07, 2011

i'm sorry to hear that you are having some difficulties with your kenmore washer. i did some research for you at managemylife.com and found an excellent article that may help until your expert can respond to your specific question. the link is attached below.

Lyle W , December 09, 2011

your details seem to indicate that you have a tech sheet and that you conducted the diagnostic test routine. if the spin function worked in the diagnostic test but does not work in the cycle, then you could have a bad circuit board even though it has been replaced twice. the extra spin option failure is not a good sign. the control will normally signal an error code when the washer will not spin. i provided the technical information for this washer in the images below (6 pages). this is the same information that you have on the tech sheet if you have that document. when the washer stops, check the control to see if it is displaying a code. the information shown below will help you determine the cause of the spin failure if you see an error being displayed. you can recall the code that is recorded in the memory of the machine if necessary. you can also run that diagnostic test described below and see if you detect any error codes in that sequence.

this information may help you determine the cause of your spin failure in the washer. i do not recommend that you perform any live voltage checks that are described in that tech sheet. unplug the washer if you need to examine or replace components. you can order parts from the sears partsdirect website if necessary. if you need more help, reply with additional details (error codes) and we will assist you further.

if you do not feel confident repairing this problem yourself, then you can have it repaired at your home by a sears technician. here is a link for the website: sears home services .

Lyle W , December 09, 2011

here are the additional pages of the tech sheet.

Rick, November 12, 2012

hello ... i hope you will still see this, even though the original posting is a year old. i am new to this site and learning my way around. my problem is this: the washer runs through all of it's cycles, except for spin. i tried putting it on rinse/spin, then drain/spin ... it goes through all of the motions properly, except for the spin portion ... it drains, then sounds like it's trying to spin, but it doesn't move. however, the cycle that it does after the spin is finished, meaning the slow rotations from one direction to the other, to loosen the clothes from the side of the drum, works properly ... how is it that part of the function works, but not the fast spin?!? i tried the 'hold stop & pause button simultaniously' diagnostic ... got 4 flashes on the right string of lights and 3 on the start light ... if i'm translating that properly, the code is e43, bad circuit board. if this is true, how hard are they to replace and how much do they sell for? is it possible that there's a seperate belt that is used for the fast spin, that i could replace/repair without replacing the circuit board? obviously, i'm asking all of this without having torn it apart yet. but figured i'd throw it out there. thanks in advance for any help you can give. my direct email is [redacted] please note: the original content of this post has been edited to remove personal contact information to protect your privacy.

Lyle W , November 09, 2012

hello rick. that e43 code does indicate that you have a problem with the electronic control board in the washer. there is not a separate belt for the spin function. that main electronic control board is part number 137005010 for the above model (417.48102701). it costs about $120. you can order that part from this link: electronic control for kenmore washer model 417.48102701 . if you have a different model, then you can look up the part on that same link. if you decide to replace that control board and need access help, reply to this thread and we will assist you further.

Rick, November 11, 2012

hello lyle ... a few more questions, if i may: are you referring to the motor control board or the main control board? is it accessed through the front panel of the machine or the back? is it something i can easily take out/replace myself? can i safely presume that if the motor operates the drum properly on the other 'slow tumble/both directions' cycle, that there most likely is not a problem with the motor and/or the belt?

Lyle W , November 12, 2012

that main control board in the console of the washer is bad if you are seeing the e43 code. you can unplug the washer and remove the top panel to access that control board. note: make sure that you are interpreting the error code correctly. if the start light blinks 4 times along with the vertical string of lights and then blinks another 3 times then you are seeing the e47 code that normally indicates you have a problem with the wax motor (ptc motor) on the door lock assembly. i posted some images that show how to access and replace the main machine control board below this response. if you are certain that you see the e43 code, then that main machine control shown below will probably need to be replaced. if you see the e47 code after rechecking the washer, then reply with additional details and we will assist you further.

Lyle W , November 12, 2012

here is one more image. be sure that you unplug the washer before accessing internal components and replacing parts.

Rick, November 12, 2012

the veritcal string blinks four times, followed by three blinks of the start light. thanks for the assist. i will review the info you posted. my wife is still deciding whether to fix this one or just replace it. she's concerned that if we just repair it, something else will happen and need more repair *lol* it gets used a lot with 7 in one household.

Kris, July 12, 2015

i realize this string is old but i'm having the same problem as rick did. when i hold down the start and pause/cancel button the string of lights on the right (pause/cancel) column blinks four times and simultaneously the start light blinks three times. in other words they blink simultaneously the first three blinks and only the column of lights blinks the fourth time. do i need to replace the same part as was suggested to rick?


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