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Kenmore Super capacity plus automatic washermodel #11026901690

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Kenmore 90's model, won't stop filling up. Model # 110.26901690

This washing machine won't stop filling up with water. Can you tell us the name of the part that needs to be replaced? Thanks! Serial # CF2803278

Posted April 11, 2011


Priscilla V, April 11, 2011

i understand how important it is for your washer to be working so that you can do your laundry without any further delay and although your washer is not working properly, i will be happy to help. while you are waiting for an expert answer, i did mange to find a few links that will provide you with more information about your problem. i have provided the links below.

Fred M, April 12, 2011

from the complaint i assume the washer will overfill and flood the room.

if this is the case then the most likely part that failed is the pressure or water level switch.

the switch has a clear plastic hose attached to it and it is possible there is a hole in the hose or it is kinked or twisted preventing air pressure from shutting off the water at the correct level.

the w10335056 switch can be obtained from the following link: sears partsdirect .

the image below will show how to remove the end caps and raise the console to access the switch.

remember to unplug the washer first.

i hope this helps. you can reply with any additional details or questions for further assistance.

jimi gaspard, February 27, 2013

my kenmore model 110.26901690 washer has eaten the coupler and i replaced it with new only to have it eat the new one also. i removed the pump,motor, and destoyed coupler and tried to turn the shaft to the transmission by hand with finger tips, and it turns easy about one rev and then it's hard to turn. the pump is also hard to turn by sticking a figer tip in the shaft hole. if i use a rachet extention in the hole, it turns but it is not turning freely. i ordered a new coupler and pump but i'm not sure how hard it is to turn the bottom shaft to the transmission by hand to make the basket turn. i've checked between the tub and the basket for clothing articles but found none. also nothing in the hoses or the pump.

Fred M, March 02, 2013

one of the ways to decide if the transmission is the problem or the pump is the problem is to note when in the cycle the motor coupler broke. was the tub full of water? ccw is the direction for agitation. it will turn easily at first then get harder. it is difficult to test the transmission by turning it by hand. a broken motor coupler can be caused by either the drain pump or the transmission. from the description you give i suspect the pump is the problem.

jimi gaspard, March 02, 2013

i'm thinking the first coupler broke because of age since it was the original, but i purchased a new one with metal axel inserts that had to be driven on with a socket, and i'm thinking i may have broken it doing that? i ordered another without the metal inserts and a pump and a lid switch which i tested to find no continuity. i've checked for hose blockages and clothing trapped in the tube. i don't have a spanner wrench to check the drive block, but i'm wondering if the clutch may be the trouble that broke the original coupler?

Fred M, March 03, 2013

when there is a clutch problem usually it affects the spin cycle and the washer will continue to agitate. when the first coupler broke was the washer full of water or empty?

jimi gaspard, March 03, 2013

the washer was drained but the clothes were soaked.

Fred M, March 04, 2013

if the washer agitated and got to drain the not spinning problem is likely related to the clutch and/or basket drive. i still suspect the transmission is the cause of the coupler breaking. sometimes with a weak basket drive the washer might spin with the tub empty but not with a load of clothes. i would install a new coupler and confirm the washer will agitate before replacing the drain pump.

jimi gaspard, March 06, 2013

i did replace the coupler and the lid switch today and put it all back together to test it thru a total double rinse cycle and it passed on every issue! thank you very much for your information and assisstance, as you led me thru it completely. again thanks fred

Fred M, March 07, 2013

great job. you most likely saved over a $100 dollars by doing it yourself.

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