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Kenmore Vacuum cleanermodel #*27514700

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replace power cord on kenmore canister vacuum

How do I replace a power cord (part # F617829) on a Kenmore canister vacuum, model # 116.27514700?

Posted February 15, 2011


Dezeray S, February 15, 2011

when it comes to replacing power cord on your vacuum it can be a mystery without instructions. while you are waiting on an expert to answer your question, i found your diagram in the sears parts direct website. i have attached the link below. hope this helps!

Sam A, February 16, 2011

thank you for your question.

i can understand wanting to replace the reel cord on the vacuum cleaner.

the power cord will come one of two ways.

first you can purchase just the cord and contacts but then you have to take the reel apart to install the cord and that can be a little tricky.

the other was is to replace the whole reel cord assembly which is much easier.

the reel cord complete is part number: 8195114 for $37.00 and the cord with contact part number: 4370695 for $30.00. for the difference if price i would suggest the complete reel cord and not have to worry taking the old one apart.

you can purchase them from:sears parts direct .

i will give you some instructions below as to how to remove the motor canopy to get to the reel cord area.

i hope this will help.

thank you for using manage my life.

Linda, November 08, 2012

thank you for the info. do you know if the reel cord complete part number: 8195114 for $37.00 and the cord with contact part number: 4370695 for $30.00 is compatible with my two kenemore canister vacuums: model #116.2395490 and model #116.26450. also i'm looking for a hose for the model #116.26450

Sam A, November 08, 2012

thank you for your request on the parts fits up. the part numbers for the reel cord complete and the contact part number will not work with the model 116.2395490 because at the time this model was built they were repairing all the reel cords. also i am sorry but those same parts will not fit the 116.26450xxx model either. the only way the sell the hose for the 116.26450xxx is as a replacement hose part only and not complete. you will need to dismantle the old hose and install the new bare hose to those parts. i will need the rest of the model number to be sure i am giving you the correct hose for this model. sam a.

Alan, April 22, 2013

i have a kenmore 20712007 progressive canister vacuum. the power cord needs replaced and i received the power cord today. the young guy that sold me the part assured me i could find plenty of help on-line either on this site or you tube that would give me a tutorial on how to accomplish the replacement. this site, if you look back through the replies is no help at all and there is nothing on-line for replacing the power cord. frankly, i'm not very happy and would like a step by step instruction sheet on how to replace this cord. someone on this site sent a diagram, but even blowing it up to 500 didn't allow me to read what it was saying and the diagram was shoved all the way to the right. can it be that difficult to get a simple answer to a simple question. people at the parts order phone center just kept telling me to go to this site. this site so far is worthless. how about some help. i already know how to run around and don't need a tutorial in how to do that.


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