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Kenmore Refrigeratormodel #1069738682

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Why is my refrigerator leaking?

I own kenmore 18 refrigerator model 106.9738682 and it consistently has water uner the crisper. What can I do to fix this and what makes it do this? Could you also tell me old this refrigerator is. thx

Posted January 30, 2011


celene, January 30, 2011

not knowing the reason behind the refrigerator to leak can be a big concern. i was able to reach your issue and came across an expert providing information on possible issues. i hope that the general information helps you understand what parts needs to be replaced or what you can do to stop the leakage.

Scott D , February 01, 2011

i'm sorry you are having this problem. the information you have received is good but this model will be slightly different. there is no drain funnel under the control housing in this model. the drain in this model is inside the cabinet wall. to clear the drain, remove everything in the freezer, so the back panel can be removed. first disconnect power to the unit. with the panel removed, you will see the evaporator coil and directly under the coil is the drain trough (pan). the trough will probably be full of ice that will need to be removed. with the ice out of the trough, you will be able to see the drain hole, which will be plugged with ice. use hot water to clear the drain hole. keep working the hot water into the hole and wiping the excess water. this can take quite awhile, depending on how deep the ice is. this will need to be done until you get a good water flow down to the bottom drain pan. with the drain system clear, water should stop leaking in the refrigerator. if you would like more assistance, additional details will be needed.

if you do not feel confident repairing this problem yourself, then you can have it repaired at your home by a sears technician. here is a link for the website: sears home services .

safety notice: be sure to disconnect the appliance before performing any troubleshooting procedures. if you are not comfortable with doing any voltage checks or repairs that might be recommended, please contact a local service provider for repairs. be aware that there could be sharp edges inside the appliance that could cause cuts or other injuries to yourself or others.


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