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Kenmore Refrigerator, sxsmodel #10656549400

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Refrigerator Water Dispenser Slow - Water Pressure is Good

After replacing water filter in July, dispenser made a loud noise, stopped immediately and seemed to work fine. After a week or so, started slowing down. Warning light came on saying I needed a new filter in September, just a tad over 2 months since I replaced filter. I removed filter, ran the dispenser and it put out a strong stream. Put in a new filter and continued to get the strong stream for about a week. Then it started slowing down. By Early October (about 3-4 weeks after replacing filter) indicator said I needed a new filter. Water is very slow now. Sears Kenmore Model 106.56549400. Am using Whirlpool filter 4396710. Both filters came from the same box. Never had a problem with the filters before but, I suspect the problem could be the filter, and will buy the Sears filter next time. It costs much more, but if it lasts... Any guidance will be appreciated. --Dwight

Posted October 24, 2011


Priscilla V, October 24, 2011

a refrigerator is definitely something we depend on and when it begins to malfunction it can be a huge inconvenience. while you are waiting for an expert to respond, i have attached some helpful links below that may provide information to assist you with your question.

Dwight, October 25, 2011

thanks for the links. i'll see if they help solve the problem. :-)

Scott D , October 26, 2011

thank you for your question. i can understand your concern about the water pressure slowing down. the filter you're using is a good replacement and should last for approx. 6 months or 100 gallons, which ever comes first. if a lot of water is being used, this would be normal. if you do not feel this much water is being used, it would lead a defective filter or low water pressure. i hope this will help you. if you would like more assistance, reply to this thread and i will be glad to assist you further.

Dwight, November 05, 2011

sorry for the delay in responding... i guess you confirmed my suspicions that it is a defective filter. i'll order the sears filter to see if that fixes the problem, then go from there. thanks!


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