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Kenmore Electric rangemodel #79096112407

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f10 fault code on kenmore oven

what does the f10 fault code on my kenmore oven model 790.9611.2407 mean

Posted July 07, 2010


Flo R, July 07, 2010

hello there, i have found some information that might help answer your question. i have attached the link below. i hope this helps.

Lyle W , July 12, 2010

the f10 fault code on this model of oven indicates that the control board detects a runaway temperature (extremely high temperature). if you are seeing this code when the oven is at room temperature (or obviously not extremely hot) then you could have a bad oven temperature sensor probe, a failed electronic oven control board or a wiring harness problem between these components. to diagnose and repair this type of problem, the normal procedure is to unplug the range and measure the resistance of the oven temperature sensor probe. the first image below shows how to access this component in most versions of this model of kenmore range. if you do not see the mounting screws on the back wall inside the oven cavity then you will need to remove the lower back panel of the oven (with the range unplugged) to access the disconnect plug for this sensor (connected with violet wires). unplug the sensor and measure the resistance of the sensor with a volt/ohm meter. the resistance chart and other technical information for this range is shown in the second image below. the sensor should measure near 1100 ohms of resistance at room temperature. if the sensor resistance is over 2000 ohms at room temperature (or measures ol -- open load or infinite resistance) then it is bad and will need to be replaced. you can order a new sensor from the sears partsdirect website. the part number for the sensor is 316217001.

if the sensor resistance is normal, you can plug the sensor back in and measure the resistance through the circuit that plugs into the control board with the violet wires on the p5 plug. remove the upper back panel (with the range still unplugged) to access the control board. the second image will help you make this resistance check if necessary. if the resistance through the circuit is normal (1100 ohms or the same resistance as measured at the probe) then the electronic control board (part 316557108) will likely need to be replaced. note: you may also need to replace the overlay (part 316419110) unless you can reuse the original one.

if you are seeing the f10 code after the oven has been preheating for a while and it is apparently overheating then you likely have a stuck relay on the control board. the electronic oven control board will need to be replaced in this situation.

be sure that you unplug the range whenever you are accessing internal components. internal metal edges are sharp (including the sides of the back panels). protective gloves are recommended.

if you do not feel confident repairing this problem yourself, then you can have it repaired at your home by a sears technician. here is a link for the website: sears home services .

frank espo, November 26, 2010

my oven mod # is 790.9612340a. would the part # be the same for the control board and prob an overlay as the one in this answer an my top broial burner gose on instead of bottom when on bake then the f10 comes on an oven shuts off what is that lol if i replace all of the above parts will i fix it


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