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Kenmore Electric rangemodel #7909641340B

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Kenmore Electric Range Model No. 790.9641340B Parts Question

I have a Kenmore Electric Range Model No. 790.9641340B. The bottom plate of the oven has grime on it which is not coming off and also it is scratched badly (I inherited this unit from the previous homeowner). It appears to me that the plate can be replaced. Can anyone tell me if it can be replaced and what the part no is that I can get from Sears? I looked through the link below, but can be certain. Also will installing this new part be fairly easy. Will it have the same enamel coating as the rest of the surfaces of the oven? Thanks and this is urgent!

Posted June 04, 2012


Priscilla V, June 04, 2012

i understand how it can be frustrating when it comes to locating the proper repair parts for your range. while you are waiting for a detailed reply from an expert i would recommend re visiting the sears parts direct website were you can view a full parts list and diagram of your model you also may find a direct number to speak with a parts associate in regards to finding the proper part.

Indranil, June 04, 2012

i already did what you are recommending, but i am not certain if i am looking at the right part. also the associate could not help me. i need to know if i am buying the right part.

Korinna S, June 05, 2012

the bottom panel on this model is replaceable. the part number is 316400601 and can be purchased from sears partsdirect . this is not a replacement part so, the panel should be the same color and same enamel coating as the inside of the oven.

you should see two thumb screws at the back of that bottom panel. remove those screws and then pull the bottom panel slightly up and back to clear that front lip. you should then be able to pull that bottom panel out and replace it. i hope this helps.

Indranil, June 05, 2012

korinna, i went to the local sears store and the folks looked at the database (i showed them which panel of the oven from a comparable model was damaged) and told me to order part number: 316411104 (base) which i did. you are indicating a different part. 316400601 is key #8 in the diagram of the body of the oven and seems like the top panel, no? please respond asap. thanks!

Indranil, June 05, 2012

well corrina, i talked to two specialists at sears parts direct and it seems the local sears store made me order the wrong part. it should be 316400601 like you indicated. i guess i will have to return this and order the right one when it is available (currently backordered). sigh!!!!!


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