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Kenmore Gas grill - serial# without vsh or cwmodel #12216641900

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Kenmore Gas grill Model #122.16641900, burner tube has rusted off.

I bought this grill in June, 2009. The burner tubes seems to be attached to the main body by a flimsy metal tab that has rusted. While doing the yearly prep I noticed this as the tab crumbled. I now have a grill with only two of the four burners that work. I can buy new burner tubes but how do I attach them to main grill body?

Posted April 08, 2012


Barbara H. , April 08, 2012

grills can provide years of use but eventually there may be problems like this. while you wait for the expert response, you might check the sears parts direct link below for the replacement parts you need. i hope you can get back to grilling soon.

Kevin, April 08, 2012

nope. checked there first. the tabs are spot welded onto the main body. this is an obvious issue with this model because newer models have the burner tubes resting on a shelf that is itself replaceable. no such luck for me though.

Sam A, April 09, 2012

thank you for your question on the mount location for the burner supports.

as per the warranty the burners are covered for ten years, but you would have to pay the labor charge to have the service technician replace the burners.

the back support for the burners looks like it is part of the main body bowl of the grill. unfortunately this part is not available as a replacement part.

it was suggested by the manufacturers support line to fasten a new angle support to set the burners onto.

i have had the same problem with my stainless brinkman grill and i had to fabricate a new angle bracket and drill holes in the side panel and install the bracket for a place to set the new replacement burners on as well.

i wish i had a better solution for you but at least in your case the replacement burners are covered as they were not in mine.

i apologize for not being able to help you with a better solution.

if you would like the replacement burners for your grill at no charge please call 1-800-913-8999 and use option 1.

sam a.


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