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Kenmore Upright freezermodel #1069233380

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My upright freezer is leaking water

Kenmore Coldspot / Model. 106.9233380 I have a small puddle on the floor under the right front side of my freezer. It doesn't seem to be caused by a leaky gasket but coming from underneath my freezer. Given the age (almost 20 years), is this worth fixing? It's been a good unit til now. I'm also noticing some crystallization on packages though everything is frozen. Thank you for your help.

Posted January 31, 2013


Henry, January 31, 2013

good morning.... sounds like it could be a defrost issue. i did locate a link that will discuss this situation in greater detail. though this link discusses a different model number, the mechanics are likely going to be very similar. keep in mind that an expert will be responding within the next two business days if not sooner and will likely offer you more information and instruction. i hope this link will help guide you as to what might be wrong with your freezer and have a nice day

Scott D , January 31, 2013

thank you for your question. i can understand your concern about the water leak. if there is no moisture that may be dripping from the front of the cabinet or under the door, this would lead to leak inside the cabinet. sometimes sealing any gaps you can find under the cabinet will correct this type of problem. also check for cracks or gaps on the liner inside the cabinet. as long as it's still freezing good, it would probably be worth having a technician check it. the crystallization on packages would indicate air is leaking inside the cabinet. this could also be leading to the water on the floor. check the door to a make sure it's closing good and check for gaps in the door gasket. if there gaps, a hair dryer can be used to smooth them out. just be careful not to get the gasket too hot and melt it. i hope this will help you.

if you do not feel confident repairing this problem yourself, then you can have it repaired at your home by a sears technician. here is a link for the website: sears home services .

Kim, February 01, 2013

hi. the outside of the cabinet is dry. someone once told me to use vaseline on the gasket to keep it "good". i don't feel any cold air escaping around the door. the leak seems to be coming from under the cabinet. the bottom right front side. looking with a flashlight, there is a white piece of styrofoam under there that is near the side lip that has moisture on it.

Scott D , February 01, 2013

kim, without being able to see this, it would seem that the cabinet could be leaking. i would recommend getting some rtv sealant and seal all around the area where you see the styrofoam and moisture.

Kim, February 02, 2013

i am currently defrosting my freezer. the groove on the back inside wall had ice in it. behind the inside cover, the silver tray was filled with ice. there was another small white cover on the inside right corner near the door with a white covered tube running to it . i took it off and that tube runs down and disappears under the freezer. i see a crack in the white tube. can you confirm that this would be just the insulation? that tube is surrounded by some kind of gray caulk and is moist. is this where i should run some rtv? sorry, i'm new to this. i've added 2 pictures to make this easier . the tube i'm trying to explain and the now 2 areas i've got drips. is this futile or buy a big tube of rtv?

Scott D , February 04, 2013

kim, thank you for the pictures. the section shown is where the refrigerant lines enter the cabinet. the white tube you see is insulation around the refrigerant lines. this would be the area to apply some sealant. before, sealing it however, if you can remove part of the insulation, check the small tube that should be attached to the large tube. if the small line has come loose, it will cause the large line to frost and then sweat, which will cause a water leak. in this case, some plastic wire ties work well, to reattach the small line back to the large line. i hope this will help you.

Kim, February 04, 2013

it didn't seem to have come loose. i did apply sealant around the area. 24 hours later, still dry. thank you for your help . looks like i may get some more time out of my freezer after all.

Scott D , February 05, 2013

kim, i'm glad it's not leaking now. thank you for using manage my life.


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