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Kenmore Electric dryermodel #11082824101

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Why won’t my Kenmore Elite HE3 electric dryer start?

After putting laundry in the dryer and selecting a cycle and pressing start, the dryer does not turn on. Model number 110.82824101. Serial number MP1116448. 1. Have checked all connections and power. OK 2. Took off top of dryer to get the TECH SHEET. 3. Activated the Diagnostic Test Mode by pressing MORE TIME-LESS TIME-MORE TIME- LESS TIME. 4. All indicators illuminated with "88" showing in the "ESTIMATED TIME REMAINING" display. 5. Started Diagnostic: Console switches and indicators. Pressed each button and heard a beep tone. Each time the light went out after pressing the button. 6. When the START button is pressed a beep tone is heard and the two-digit display indicates "02" and not "01" as shown in the TECH SHEET? 7. Moisture Sensor checked OK 8. Door Switch checked OK and the display code showed "0E" 9. I have exposed the machine control electronics board. I turned the power back on and tried to activate a cycle. The Motor Relay seems to beep and feels to the touch like it clicks -nothing happens

Posted December 18, 2009


Landell , December 21, 2009

you did an excellent job of pre diagnosing your dryer. the console is working, and i don’t thing the issue is with the door. the details you included, lead me to believe the thermal fuse is bad. this is fairly simple to test.

*if you have a meter, check continuity across the thermal fuse. i have included illustrated tear down instructions. (see image below). it should read “cl� or closed, if it does not read closed, replace the thermal fuse.

  • if you do not have a meter, follow those same dis assembly instructions and carefully jump the thermal fuse. always unplug or de-energize electrical equipment before removing covers or attempting service. to jump the thermal fuse disconnect both sides and tape the wires together with electrical tape. make sure the bare connectors do not touch anything else, tape them up completely. plug your dryer back in and try starting a cycle. if the dryer runs, replace the thermal fuse.

you stated that the power and connections are good. if the dryer does not start, i would then suspect the ccu (central control unit). i have included a wiring diagram below. check vac (voltage alternating current) out of ccu to the motor.

  • set the dryer to a normal dry cycle and press start, check p1 pin 4 to p1 pin 3. should be 120.0vac, if not the ccu is bad. if you have 120vac the belt switch need to be checked. check for vac across the belt switch.

if you need more assistance please resubmit question with more details. i will be looking forward to helping you again in the near future.

note: our imaging system is malfunctioning; i would like to apologize in advance if the attachments do not appear on line.


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