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Kenmore Dryermodel #41788042700

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Kenmore Electric Dryer Model #417.88042700 Problems with Beeping & Occasionally Not Heating

I recently chatted online with one of your reps using managemylife.com. I was asking her about our Kenmore electric dryer, model #417.88042700, which is currently not always heating properly and beeping "randomly." I spent some time researching the expert question/answer section of the site, and it appears that we need to run diagnostic tests and volt test the thermistor as it's the most likely culprit. Many of these q/a's give links to troubleshooting diagrams that tell you how to do these things, but if you click on the image links provided the images are too tiny to be read and do not stay clear when zoomed in upon. The chat rep informed me that you are aware that the images are a problem, BUT that if I sent an email asking for the images to be emailed directly to me then you would provide them. When I sent an email, I was informed that they would NOT email me the images as the chat rep said, and that I had to ask my question here and wait for an expert to answer. So I am aware that I am asking the same question over again, but I need usable links to these images not tiny, tiny image links that cannot be zoomed in on accurately. Please provide us with the following images from these q/a's: http://www.managemylife.com/mmh/questions/262082-kenmore-dryer-model-41788042700-heat-blinking-lights (Contains 3 images from the expert Fred M.) http://www.managemylife.com/mmh/questions/226979-why-does-my-kenmore-41788042700-dryer-beep-during-cycle-1 (Contains an image of the control panel assembly and changing it out from expert Joey S.) Thanks and we appreciate your help.

Posted January 11, 2013


Julio, January 11, 2013

having your dryer malfunction and display error codes can be extremely frustrating. i did some research and provide a link to a similar question and answer on our site. i hope this will shed a little more light on the issue until the expert responds to your question in more detail within 24 to 48 hours.

Fred M, January 13, 2013

the image problem is being addressed and i can email you the images you seek via the email address you provide. the occasional beeping is most likely a stuck or shorted keypad which usually means the interface will need to be replaced. the not heating problem is likely related to the thermistor but "occasionally not heating" can be difficult to pin down. a bad thermistor, relay or element usually won't heat all the time. intermittent problems can be difficult to pin down. this electronic model should be smart enough to tell us what the problem is by displaying an error code. this model has no display for a clear cut error. the error code is determined by the number of light blinks the status and start light blinks. i will place the instructions to bring up error codes in the images below. i will also email you the images as a plan b. the small images have been driving us crazy as well. i remember when computers were going to make our lives simpler. let me know if the email helps.

Fred M, January 13, 2013

before checking your email, check the image below and see if it is any larger than the one above.

mbenoit82, January 13, 2013

thank you for your response. i received the image by email and the second one you uploaded here is much more readable! i come back here and leave another comment if i need the other images i requested above. thanks again.

Fred M, January 14, 2013

good luck.

John, May 30, 2013

fred - can you send me these pictures. i have the same problem and i replaced the thermistor, but i am still receiving the blinking lights.

John, May 30, 2013

fred - can you send me the same pictures. i am having the same issue with the dryer turning off and not heating, while having all 4 lights on the right flash. i replaced the thermistor, but it did not help.

Fred M, June 01, 2013

the first image below contains a list of error codes and how to read the blinking status lights. the 2nd iamge tells how to enter and run the diagnotic test. i hope this helps.


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