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Kenmore Gas dryermodel #11070902990

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Kenmore 90 series dryer NO HEAT problem

I have a Kenmore 90 series gas dryer model # 110.70902990; which has been working well until yesterday. The dryer is running but not putting out any heat. I will check the thermal fuse on the back of the unit today to see if its' blown. I thought it was the heating cole but later found out that my gas dryer doen't have a heating core. The igniter element seems to look okay and not broken. I don't have any idea what the problem might be. However, I can follow instructions really good and will appreciate any suggestions you may have to troubleshoot this problem or replace any parts necessary. Thank you in advance for you time and help with this problem.

Posted January 09, 2013


Yadira B, January 09, 2013

when a dryer suddenly stops working it can cause an inconvenience in your home. while you are waiting for an expert to respond, i have attached a helpful link below that may provide information to assist you with your question.

Danny, January 09, 2013

this is an photo of the inside of my dryer from top view. i checked the thermal fuse (white) and it seems to be fine because i'm getting continuity. however, the dryer is running but with no heat.

Joey S, January 10, 2013

thank you for your question and i understand your concern.

if the glow bar igniter is not broken and not glowing, it likely has a faulty/open thermal fuse. the thermal fuse is located at the back of the dryer and is mounted on the blower wheel housing. the thermal fuse will have two wires connected to it; one red wire and one red wire with a white stripe. disconnect the two wires and check for continuity across the thermal fuse with an ohm meter. you will likely find it open and not measuring any continuity.

note: disconnect the power cord from the power source before removing the rear panel.

check the things i have covered here and if i may be of further assistance as more details become available, please reply to this post.

Joey S, January 10, 2013

danny: i added a image below of the wiring diagram which will be larger. if you are sure the thermal fuse is okay, disconnect the other components in the heating circuit and check them for continity. check the flame sensor too.

Danny, January 10, 2013

hello, joey. thank you for your kind reply. today i went to sears parts center and picked up a new thermal fuse (part# 3390719) but that didn't cure the problem. before making the trip to the store i checked it for continuity and it toned out fine, as mentioned above. but because most people on the internet said that would be the most common problem i was not confident in my troubleshooting skills. by the way on this gas unit the thermal fuse is not in the back but on under the drum on top of the exhaust unit. the customer service representative at the store said he would make an acception and accept the return so i think i'll be fine. however, i don't think i can afford to purchase any more non defective parts because they might not accept any future returns from me. i have a working volt ohm meter and i believe i can check the parts involved in the chain to make the dryer blow out heat. however, i'm not great at reading schematic drawings. is it possible to assist me with a more specific detailed information on: 1. part name and description to check 2. what to check for 3. order of things to check i'm comfortable with dissembling and reassembling the entire dryer because i just did that. i'm also have the basic knowledge of how to use the volt ohms meter. however, i don't know the names of the parts to check and what to check for. also, my timer on the dryer has not been working for years but the heat has been working without the timer fine. i don't know if i needed that to work in order to troubleshoot. thank you in advance for your time and kind help in solving this delima.


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